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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 11 MB
  • Date Updated: December 30, 2018

Besides the default web browser pre-installed in mobile devices, there are many different web browsers for users to choose to use and experience. Mint Browser is a new web browser of Xiaomi Inc. and can be easily used and set up on many mobile devices. This is a web browser with many outstanding features along with good security and privacy system for users.

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To meet the needs of many current users, Xiaomi Inc. has released Mint Browser for iOS to give users the convenience and compact. With 11 MB size, this web browser is easy to set up and will give you the best experience. This application promises to provide safe experiences and provide simplicity when used compared to many expensive applications but not satisfactory.

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Mint Browser for Android will become a compact library for you to use when needed; you will find much important information at high speed and save a lot of data when using. With the advantage of small size, this application will get quick startup and secure online access in addition to traditional search operations by touching the screen of the device. With this application, you will manipulate the search using the new voice search method. You just need to share the search goal, and the application will fulfill your request quickly and simply.

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To bring the most convenience to users, the manufacturer has designed to help this product read many different documents that bring the necessary benefits. In particular, to ensure active history you can participate in incognito mode to ensure privacy when in use. Incognito mode will not save the search history or visited websites of users, to ensure user privacy. The next benefit when using this application is Reading mode; this feature is very suitable for use in the evening. Because this feature will help you experience better and maintain the light properly when used to ensure the operation of the eye and help you not get eyestrain when used for a long time.

Mint Browser – Lite, Fast Web, Safe, Voice Search

Intuitive interface

This application has a simple interface to bring users with ease of use and quick operation. The sections of the interface that are built and arranged scientifically will help users save the maximum time when performing operations. The simple interface helps you quickly get acquainted and do not take long to fully understand the features of the product. Besides, the scientific arrangement of many directories brings the convenience of searching and most importantly helping you find the necessary information quickly.

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Final thoughts

If you already use a large number of web browsers and don’t meet your own needs, Mint Browser is a good option to replace these complex applications. Small size makes it easier to set up and saves a lot of resources for the device. The small size also helps the operation of the application does not take up much memory and brings the best spread on weakly configured devices.