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  • Date Updated: September 11, 2019

In sports games, basketball is a sport that is heavily exploited and used to design unique games. Referring to this sport, you can not ignore 2K manufacturer. They are a famous producer and have released many different games with attractive basketball content.

NBA 2K20 2

Besides the success of some outstanding names such as MyNBA2K20 or MyNBA2k19. This manufacturer continues to bring challenges in managing attractive basketball teams through NBA 2K20. Join this game; you will discover the mission of a real manager and be allowed to own a basketball team.

NBA 2K20 3


As everyone knows, the NBA is a tournament that many people are interested in, and it has the participation of many famous clubs. At this tournament, the clubs must constantly compete to eliminate their opponents. Each match will take place with different stages. When participating in the game, you are responsible for managing a club of your own to compete in famous American tournaments. In NBA 2K20 for iOS, you are also allowed to control the players to participate in dramatic matches directly. With two tasks of managing the club and controlling the players to play, the game will definitely bring many interesting experiences for you.

NBA 2K20 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Club building and scientific control

To manage your club well, you need smart plans and capture the important information about the club you are managing. For example, you have to know how many members your club has and which players you need to replace to ensure consistent performance for the club. Besides, the manufacturer also prepares an attractive player transfer system for you and other players to freely collect the players you want. More than 400 players with their unique playing skills are waiting for you to discover. Collect and upgrade the players to create a strong club with many fascinating achievements.

NBA 2K20 4

When participating in each match, you are provided with a scientific control system with a number of the joystick and different virtual keys. With the virtual key system above, you will have to control the players of an ingenious way to score more points and beat other clubs. In addition, the manufacturer also prepared many different game modes for everyone to experience. You can relax gently by the match with A.I. Or you can take part in complex matches in the online competition mode. Each game mode will bring its own experience and fun. Are you ready to enjoy many exciting match of NBA?

NBA 2K20 1


With familiar content, NBA 2K20 will not require you to take a long time to get used to. Besides, the manufacturer has also prepared many new features for players to explore. Along with the impressive gameplay system, the game is also prepared with good image quality and will make you feel comfortable. Currently, the game has been released on online applications and is suitable for many different operating systems (iOS, Android, …).