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Sport is always a good choice for everyone when they want to improve their physicality and get an enjoyable experience. When it comes to exciting sports challenges, you can’t ignore First Touch Games Ltd developer. They are one of many famous manufacturers in the world. Their products often focus on sports topics and always get good reviews from everyone.

8 ball hero 2

They are famous and successful thanks to the unique football content games. We can talk about some very famous names like Dream League Soccer or Score! Match. After the success of football games, they have designed a new game. The new theme they chose was billiards, and it was called 8 Ball Hero.

8 ball hero 3

New challenges and completely new experiences

8 Ball is one of the many different challenges of billiards, and it has the same popularity as football. This sport also owns many different tournaments around the globe, from amateur to professional. With 8 Ball Hero APK Mod, you have the opportunity to challenge your intelligence and your ability to observe quickly. Your challenges ahead will not be simple. You have to play with different rules to win. Perseverance and wise calculation will help you defeat the opponent. On the contrary, hasty and unreasonable observation will make you fail.

8 Ball Hero – Become a Pool Hero!

The familiar gameplay

To defeat your opponents, you need to hit multiple balls into the hole. On the billiard table, there will be a maximum of 16 balls and six holes in different positions. In it, 15 fruits will be numbered from 1 to 15 and a white ball. Your task is to use a white ball to hit the numbered balls down the prepared holes. The polishing requires the player to have a wise calculation and to choose the angle of scientific attack. Note, you need to avoid letting the white ball fall into 1 of the six holes on the table. If you hit the ball and make the white ball fall into the hole, you will be penalized.

Game mode

Similar to real-life matches, you will play in a 1 vs 1 form. The game will give you a billiard table and the necessary equipment to play. The manufacturer has prepared three different game modes for you. These three modes include two player, online and offline. With two players, you can easily relax with friends on the same device.

8 ball hero 4

As for offline mode, you have the opportunity to face the A.I. With this mode, you have the task of polishing and making it fall into the holes on the table in descending order (from 15 to 8). During the competition, you hit more balls in the hole than your opponent will win. If you hit the numbered balls smaller than 8, the match will end, and you are the loser. Carefully observe the number of balls and their positions on the billiard table to get accurate shots.

8 ball hero 1

Finally, online mode (PVP) allows you to compete with many other players. In this mode, winning matches will increase your rankings. From there, help arrange appropriate ratings for players. Defeating many opponents will help you get more high scores and face more powerful opponents. This scoring system allows the game to arrange matches that suit each player’s ability and avoid unbalanced matches.