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  • Date Updated: August 13, 2019

In addition to intense combat challenges or unique combat, gentle simulation challenges also bring many exciting tasks for everyone to relax. If you are looking for a simple but not boring simulation challenge? The answer that best suits you is AdVenture Communist. With this unique simulation game, you will have the opportunity to study and explore many different business tips. You can start your business with simple trading or processing tasks. After that, you have to expand your business and invest money wisely to be profitable and become the richest person in the world.

adventure communist 2


Coming to AdVenture Communist for iOS, you have the opportunity to explore the business model of a communist country. Yes, you will participate in the business development of a communist country instead of the usual capitalist economic model. With the goal of simplicity and comprehension, you will have to apply your intelligent thinking ability to ensure potato production and supply to everyone. Besides providing potatoes for your country, you can also supply it to the world. However, the supply of potatoes worldwide will be very complex and requires you to be able to build a smart business plan.

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A rich man

The simulation challenges of this game are relatively easy to understand, and Kongregate producer will give people an intuitive interface system to experience. To be able to build vast potato farms, you will have to overcome many different stages. You can start your business with small production plans and hire some workers to work for you. After that, you will continue to expand your farm and hire more workers to serve the production. After you have a good source of revenue, you will save a great amount of money and can use them to invest in many different businesses.

AdVenture Communist – Anti-Capitalist Idle Clicker!

Remember, potato production is everyone’s main goal. Therefore, you must ensure a stable production line to supply a lot of potatoes as required by customers. Not only monitoring and improving potato productivity, but you are also allowed to expand your business to many different areas like mining and some other areas. In particular, the development of the heavy industry will help you quickly produce many different goods and expand your assets. With industrial development, you can bring a safe life to people by building towns or factories to create more jobs for everyone. Become a smart leader and make people look up to you.

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AdVenture Communist is a fascinating simulation game and challenges people with many unique missions. To be able to overcome many of the game’s missions and build an empire of its own. People need agile thinking and smart management plans. For those who love and want to explore many different business challenges, this game is a great choice to experience.