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  • Date Updated: July 23, 2019

In addition to engaging gameplay, current RPG games need an impressive graphics system to get everyone’s attention. With good gameplay and combined with beautiful image quality, players will surely be satisfied and experienced continuously. If you are looking for an attractive RPG challenge and own a sharp picture quality? AFK Arena is an interesting name and worth exploring. It is a unique online game and currently released by Lilith Games. Join the game; you will discover a beautiful medieval world and many epic combat journeys with dangerous monsters.

afk arena 2

New land

AFK Arena APK Mod is a simply designed game but still brings lots of excitement for everyone. It is designed with team fighting style. You have the task of collecting and using many different characters to create a powerful group of warriors of their own. With this battle group, you must participate in various battles to collect experience points and valuable rewards. The missions and challenges of the game are built according to different lands. Each land will bring its unique missions to conquer.

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Battle squad and characters

The battle ahead will be prepared in the form of 5 vs 5. You are allowed to choose characters and build your battle team with a maximum of 5 different members. Each member will be placed in a different position. You can only win by defeating all enemies present on the map. Build diverse warrior groups to create more damage to the enemy. In particular, the game allows you to change the position of the characters in the process. From this fascinating feature, please make wise battle plans to destroy the enemies quickly.

AFK Arena – AFK and Chill

More than 50 characters with attractive fighting powers are waiting for you to discover. And each character will have different fighting styles. You can use shamans or gladiators. The shaman possesses the skill of remote attack, while the gladiators have strong melee skills and possess the good defensive ability. With many heroes and different fighting skills, you can create a variety of battle teams and cause many surprises for your opponents. Besides summoning heroes, you also have to complete many different requirements to be able to upgrade your characters’ power.

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With a team battle element, you must search and equip many different items for your characters. To create a strong fighting squad, characters need to be equipped with high-value items and possess many good technical indicators. At the beginning of the game, the characters will not need to equip all items. However, the next complicated stages require you to fully equip six different types of items for your character. BOSS and monsters at higher levels are dangerous. Therefore, equipping items is one of the tips to help you defeat monsters.

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AFK Arena has 2D graphics designed with classic style (Celtic or Gothic). Characters and images are sharpened with beautiful details. Besides, each character is designed with its combat skill effects. In general, the game’s graphics system will make you happy and love it.