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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 220 MB
  • Date Updated: August 1, 2018

Age of Magic is a very addictive RPG strategy game released by Playkot LTD. This game has received a lot of attention from players around the world; it has brought to the player a lot of unique experience with the battle epic. The game takes players to an imaginary world; you will have to defeat the forces of darkness and rescue the world. Can you become a good leader to rescue this beautiful world?

ge of magic 1


The world in Age of Magic Mod Money exists magic and people live very peacefully. One day, dark forces have risen, monsters have devastated all cities and towns … People have experienced real fear because of the power of darkness. At this time, powerful heroes appeared. They possess great magic power and can defeat monsters. The future of the world is dependent on these heroes. Can they defeat the dark forces and bring peace to the world?

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When you join the game, you will become a hero. You will make the journey to defeat the dark forces and bring hope to humanity. On a difficult journey, you will face many different challenges. Each land will have a different type of monster; players will have to defeat all monsters to complete the task of the game. Also, you can meet other heroes in your journey. The other heroes also want to destroy the monsters, and they want to create a team with you, you will command your team to perform the tasks that the game offers.

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The battles in this game will take place in turn. Players will quickly become acquainted with the gameplay of this game when they have played other strategy games. You will have to create the most appropriate squad to defeat the enemy easily and overcome the difficulty level. After completing the difficulty level, players will receive bonuses, items and experience points. You can use items and experience points to increase stats for your character. You can use the bonus to buy new weapons in the game’s store; your character will become stronger when possessed of new weapons. Also, you can collect rare items and weapons after defeating Bosses.

Age Of Magic – Epic heroes turn-based RPG

Familiar graphics

Similar to other strategy games on the market today, Age of Magic APK Download owns the familiar 3D graphics design. The characters in the game are designed in a very friendly cartoon style. The monster system of the game is very diverse, and they are designed in a variety of styles. The sound of the skills and sound of the characters in the game is designed very vividly.

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Maybe, you’ve played a lot of turn-based RPG games. But Age of Magic will bring you more unique experiences with epic battles with powerful heroes. You can experience this game through our link.