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  • Date Updated: May 26, 2018

Aviation is one of the most popular industries today, giving businesses huge profits. But besides that, the competition is extremely fierce. There are many people in the world who use air travel because of its safety and speed. This is a popular method. Even well-known businessmen also buy an airline just to serve their travel. It is because of the many people who use it and have a huge profit that the airline does not have very fierce competition. This is also a great theme to put into the game. So today, I would like to introduce you to a game called Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018. In this game, you will manage your airline and make it become the most developed airline world. Let’s find out what’s hot in the game below.

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Become a manager

Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 APK Download is a flight simulator operating the airline. You will become a manager and try to turn your airline into a big one. This is a very difficult and challenging process. Do you have confidence in yourself? Download the game and join the game now.

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How to play

At the start of Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 Mod Money, you will be donating $ 300,000,000 to buy the plane and hire the staff. You also need to rent more places to serve customers. This amount you need to spend reasonable to maximize profits.

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Next, you need to come up with effective development plans as well as specific business direction for your company. There are more than 7 million different places in the world for you to explore and cover.

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You need time to grow so your company can cover the whole world. This is a very difficult task and requires you to have certain perseverance. Take care of your company regularly so that it can grow quickly.

Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 for iOS is quite attractive. You need to upgrade your service so that your customers feel that your service is the best. You need to turn your service into the best service and quality.

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Customers are satisfied, and they will continue to use your service. If you let your customers feel tired and do not meet basic needs such as eating, cleaning, … they probably will not use your service anymore. Try to keep the plane quiet, so people feel comfortable.

Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, you also need to check the company’s income, analyze flight schedules, hotel deals, create airports, which airports are the best to find the best service for your passengers. You can invest the best projects for your company. Also, do not worry if you are short of capital, you can borrow money to continue investing.


Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 for Android is equipped with 2D graphics but still gives you a great experience. The images in the game show very detailed what happens in the game. The number and flight details are displayed for your analysis and evaluation. The sound in the game is quite light and gives you the most comfortable gaming experience.

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Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 will turn your dream of becoming airline management into reality. You will also learn a lot of valuable lessons in the game. Download the game and experience it now. Have fun playing the game!