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  • Date Updated: March 3, 2019

Currently, there are many simulation games with the task of building a new and challenging city. If you have ever experienced interesting city building tasks, don’t miss the challenge of building a large and modern airport in Game Insight manufacturer’s Airport City. As with city construction simulation challenges, you will have to create an impressive airport with many different types of aircraft. Unlike normal cities, this city is subjected to aviation services. Instead of building a simple city, you have to build an impressive city so many types of planes can land at the same time.

Airport City 1

Build impressive and unique

In Airport City for iOS, every street in the city is designed for landing aircraft. Simply put, your city is a large airport with many unique buildings. Your city needs to build many buildings with diverse service functions to meet the specific requirements of each type of aircraft. Discover the game and comfortably build a modern city in your way.

Airport City 2

Create an impressive city

You will start the game with the task of building simple buildings to receive bonuses and let people come to live in your city. These basic buildings have an important mission to help you accumulate bonuses for airport development purposes. Every day, you must complete the required tasks. These tasks help you familiarize yourself with the layout and construction of different buildings in the city. Also, each mission will give you a certain bonus. For the city to grow and get the attention of many people, you need to build buildings for community purposes such as hospitals or supermarkets. Ensuring the lives of citizens in your city are always safe and stable.

Airport City 3

After the city is developed steadily and creating a lot of profits, at that time, you must upgrade the buildings that were built earlier. Upgrading buildings will help you create stable development for the city and proceed to build many airports. The construction of the airport requires players to have a scientific strategy. Airports need to be scientifically arranged when building in many different areas of the city. The selection of a reasonable construction area helps people move more smoothly and generate more profits.

Airport City – Build a city. Rise above.

Besides the airport construction task, you also have the opportunity to explore many aircraft manufacturing plants. Create many aircraft manufacturing plants to serve the airports you built earlier. There are many factories that produce different types of aircraft, depending on your strategy and economic conditions. Similar to the airport layout in the city, these factories also need to build in reasonable areas. Also, you must regularly upgrade the factory to create good quality aircraft. A good airport and many good aircraft will help the city grow stronger.

Airport City 4

Sharp graphics

Airport City APK Mod has sharp 3D graphics and high image quality with sophisticatedly designed details. Many buildings and a series of aircraft in the game are carefully designed to create realistic images for people. With a variety of beautiful and colourful designs, players will have a lot of fun to experience.

Airport City 5

Are you ready?

If you love the exciting simulation challenges, Airport City will surely satisfy you with its uniqueness. Create a modern city with a range of high-quality airports with your creative ability.