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  • Date Updated: July 24, 2018

Annual, Formula One racing tournaments are always welcomed by fans. The fans of this sport want to be a true racer, wanting to experience the most thrilling feeling on the high-performance race cars. So, we bring you a Formula One racing game called Ala Mobile GP. This game was released by CVi Games producer; this is a quite famous racing game maker. In previous games, they have created breakthroughs and players satisfaction. Ala Mobile GP for iOS will be a promising game that will bring a lot of surprises to the players because the manufacturer has invested heavily in this game.

ala mobile gp 2

Attractive race

The game will allow players to become a true racer; you will participate in the largest tournament in the world to show their ability. Like traditional F1 racing games, players need to participate in classic racing. You will be shown with other opponents in a starting position; the race will start when the red lights in front are turned on. In the race, players will have to use all their driving skills to master the car and overcome the other opponents. Unlike ordinary cars, F1 cars are very powerful, and they are very different from ordinary cars. Also, the physical simulation system is well designed to give the player the most authentic experience. The race will end when the player completes the three lap of the race. You will receive bonuses corresponding to your achievements in the race.

ala mobile gp 3

The racing system of the game is varied, with over 20 different types of F1 racing cars awaiting players to explore and own. Also, players can choose tires in five different tires. Each tire will give the player a completely different driving experience.

ala mobile gp 4


The control system of the game is very intuitive. The virtual control keys are simulated in the same way as the controls of an actual F1 car. Players will have the best experience with this intuitive control system.

Ala Mobile GP – Feel the thrill of speed

Impressive graphics

Racing games are always designed with beautiful 3D graphics. Of course, Ala Mobile GP APK Mod is a game like that. Players will be impressed by the very high picture quality of this game. The cars and the track are very detailed and clear. The motion effects of the car are also simulated like in real life so that players get the most authentic feeling. The sound of the game also gives the player a lot of unique experience.

ala mobile gp 1


If you are looking for a perfect F1 racing game, Ala Mobile GP will be a game that you should not miss. With the unique and exciting features we’ve discussed above, this will be a game worth your attention.