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Alien is a famous science film with many horror images. You are interested in this series, Alien: Blackout will give you the most amazing and impressive visual experience. With a vivid image system and a realistic perspective, you will get a lot of frightening and suspenseful experiences. Players will participate in survival challenges in the universe, loneliness and fear will always follow you. Are you ready with horror challenges? Gather all the courage you have to experience this exciting game.

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Attractive topic

With the theme of space science and fiction, Alien always gets people’s attention with a sophisticated storyline and character. The success of Alien must be mentioned when the first part of the series was released on June 22, 1979. Alien is also a pioneering work and paves the way for a host of other films. Not a new topic but with reasonable exploitation and construction, D3 Go! Producer will give people many exciting adventure journeys.

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Large universe and mysteries

Alien: Blackout APK Mod uses the plot of the first part of Alien series released in 1979. Weyland-Yutani space station is paralyzed because of the appearance of Xenomorph. This monster moves around the space station and attacks the staff of the space station. You will control Amanda Ripley; your main task is to survive and escape the space station safely. Players will control this character to overcome many crazy challenges to survive. Survive or die, it all depends on your actions and survival skills.

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Survive and escape hell

Weyland-Yutani space station is paralyzed because of the appearance of monsters, the energy source to sustain the operation of the space station is declining. You will have to use a remote controller to monitor the station’s operation to save energy and maintain the space station’s operations. With the remote control, you will control and monitor a variety of different cameras and sensors. These monitoring systems will help you protect yourself and the staff of the space station from Xenomorph attack.

Alien: Blackout – Space Survival Horror

The manufacturer has prepared seven different levels to challenge the player’s survivability. Each challenge will bring its own horror experiences. Each of your actions when participating in the challenges of the game will give different results; you can protect the entire staff or sacrifice the minority to ensure the safety of the majority. Make sure you have all prepared to accept the final results. With different actions and results, players will experience unique horror images and levels of fear to challenge their nerves.

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Alien: Blackout brings you horror stories about Alien right on your device. With impressive content and horror images, you will be challenged to survive in the most dangerous conditions. Join this game now to protect yourself and the staff on the space station.