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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: $4.99
  • File size: 63 MB
  • Date Updated: June 4, 2018

Alto’s Adventure is a very popular Endless Runner style adventure game in the world many years ago. The game was released by Noodlecake Studios. Right after the launch in 2015, this game has achieved a lot of great success and received the precious award. The game has gained a lot of records downloaded and installed on Google Play and the App Store. Global players are very appreciative of this game. What are you waiting for? Let’s find out about Alto’s Adventure for Android and download the simplest game.

alto s adventure 1

High-speed adventure game

When participating in Alto’s Adventure Mod Energy, the player controls a character named Alto. This guy made his adventures on the frozen land to find his lost cattle. At the start of the game, your character will appear on a very high mountain. The game starts when the player touches the device’s screen.

alto s adventure 2

Your character will immediately plunge into the mountains at an enormous speed. On your journey, you will encounter many different obstacles such as rocks, trees, snow holes … Players will perform touch screen operations, to control the character jump and dodge obstacles.

Games will not be divided into different difficulty levels; players will face difficult challenges as they progress in the game. Increasingly, the speed of your character will grow. Players need to deal with the most accurate and clever way to keep their characters from falling into the trap.

alto s adventure 3

In addition, players can perform very difficult skills such as BackFlip to be able to receive more bonus points. In each turn, the player will have a chance to revive his character when he falls into the trap. Players must maximize their chances of survival to reach the highest score.

In addition, players also need to collect gold coins during their journey. You can use these new gold coins to unlock new characters and outfits in the game’s store. New characters with different special skills will bring players new experiences in the next turn.

Alto’s Adventure – A serene snowboarding odyssey

In addition, you can invite your friends to join the game to compare who is the best player. The game has a lot of unique and interesting features that are waiting for players to explore.


Alto’s Adventure Mod Coins owns a beautiful and impressive 2D graphic design. The graphic design of the game has been greatly appreciated by its creativity and authenticity. The characters and surroundings are well designed and detailed. Players can easily see all the obstacles and complex terrain on their journey with a horizontal view.

alto s adventure 4

The movement effects of the characters are simulated in real life so that players have the most authentic experience. In particular, the weather effects in the game will be constantly changing so players get a lot of new adventure.

alto s adventure 5


If you are a follower of Endless Runner style adventure games, Alto’s Adventure is a choice that you can not ignore. You will get the best experience in your adventure with beautiful graphics and diverse features in this game. If you like this game, you can use the link at the bottom of the article to download the game.