After an impressive global success, Rovio Entertainment Corporation producer has decided to develop and release the second version of Angry Birds. This new version is named Angry Birds 2; it will continue to bring hilarious battles between hot birds and crazy pigs. With easy-to-understand gameplay and lots of new birds to explore, this version promises to bring a lot of fun to everyone.

angry birds 2 2

A new and exciting version that you can’t ignore

After receiving a lot of good reviews from global players, the second version of Angry Birds was released with many interesting changes. Angry Birds 2 APK Mod will bring more beautiful images and many unique levels for everyone to join. Although keeping the same story as the first version, this new version still creates many unexpected challenges for players. The battle between birds and pigs will continue on many crazy and impressive maps. You will need the concentration and wise calculation to overcome ten unique, challenging chapters of the game.

angry birds 2 3

Many new characters and attractive obstacles

In this version, you have the opportunity to discover the power of many new birds compared to the old version. Each bird will own its powers, and you need to exploit them appropriately to get through the levels. Besides the birds and new power, maps and obstacles will be prepared more sophisticated and complex to challenge players.

Angry Birds 2 – Best bird action game!

Each level will be prepared with a separate map system, and obstacles will be arranged in a variety of ways to challenge your ability to concentrate and calculate wisely. The obstacles will be stacked with many different materials. Therefore, you need to select the appropriate birds to destroy the obstacles. Besides, you also need to choose the correct shot angle to destroy obstacles in the fastest way.

Level and BOSS

With ten different chapters, you will be brought to many different combat environments. Each chapter will be prepared with 40 separate levels. Completing each level with high scores also helps you collect and use many new birds. You can only participate in the next level after completing the current levels. The higher the level, the more complex the obstacles on the map, and you need to calculate more carefully.

angry birds 2 4

Not only does it bring many levels of attraction, but the game also gives you unique BOSS for you to overcome. You have a chance to face the biggest enemy of the bird KING PIG. To access KING PIG, you need to go through hundreds of levels and individual obstacles. The destruction of KING PIG is also complicated because it is covered by many solid obstacles. To defeat it, you need to choose the right shot angle, and each of your shots needs absolute accuracy.

angry birds 2 1

Familiar images

Angry Birds 2 is built with good image quality and possesses many particularly spectacular skill effects. With hundreds of levels, the game will bring many interesting maps for you to fight. Besides, the colors used in this version are beautifully built and bring comfort.