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  • Date Updated: August 2, 2019

Battle Card is a game genre that is no stranger to people; this genre has been designed and released with many different games. Games of Battle Card genre are really popular on mobile platforms and have been integrated seamlessly on the two popular operating systems, Android and iOS. From the relevant information, would you like to discover an exciting Battle Card challenge?

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Among the popular card games, Animation Throwdown is the best name for you. Not only does it offer exciting combat challenges, but the game is also built on the unique programs of Fox Digital Entertainment. Dozens of characters with their characteristics are waiting for you to fight and defeat many other players.

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Online competition

Animation Throwdown APK Mod will provide you with unique online challenges, and you will be able to play against many others to challenge your ability to think quickly. You are responsible for collecting many different cards to use and combine in many battles. To win, you need to have battle plans and use cards wisely. Each card will have a specific skill parameter, and you need to capture the power of each card to use them properly.

Animation Throwdown – Collectible Card Battle Game

Starting to join the game, you and other players will receive four basic cards for use and combat. With these basic cards, manufacturers want players to build many different strategies to get attractive battles. From the basic cards, you can create your strategies to use and exploit the strengths of each card. From there, you will easily coordinate and use cards in a more flexible way when owning many new cards.

Note, your device needs internet connections to be able to experience challenges in a stable way. Make sure your device is always connected to the internet to avoid unnecessary interruptions. From there, help you limit the unfortunate effects and make your achievements go down.

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Game mode

With the online competitive element, the game will bring to battles in the arena and people will compete together to get good orders above the game’s rankings. Arena mode provides epic battles and allows you to use multiple cards at the same time. To be able to defeat other opponents, you need to summon cards with higher skill parameters than your opponents. Besides, you are allowed to combine cards with images and similar skill parameters to upgrade. Combining two identical cards will help you create a card with better specifications. From there, you can beat your opponents more simply.

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Animation Throwdown is built on the fascinating programs of Fox Digital Entertainment. Therefore, players will enjoy many unique images and familiar characters such as Bender – Futurama, Peter Griffin – Family Guy, … Besides, the background image system in the battle will be The design is based on many different landscapes in the above programs. Therefore, your battles will not be boring.