• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 109 MB
  • Date Updated: January 30, 2019

ANOTHER EDEN – A journey through both space and time awaits you ahead. Discover new lands and participate in the mission to save the future. Meet many different characters and explore intense battles with many dangerous enemies. A fascinating story about lost worlds and a journey to find new worlds, protect new worlds from dangers or demons. The game is produced by WFS, Inc. and developed based on the unique scenario of Masato Kato. Besides the intriguing scenario is the excellent sound quality of Yasunori Mitsuda composer. This game promises to bring many interesting experiences and create a hit in early 2019.


Unique and engaging game

Like the previous role-playing games developed by Masato Kato, ANOTHER EDEN for iOS is the story of the journey to find new worlds with unique civilizations. You will experience a series of exciting adventures and face many different enemies. Move to many cities and explore many exciting battle locations with high image quality.



A fascinating story about moving to many different worlds and you have to fight many dangerous enemies. With an uncomplicated control system, you can quickly get used to the game. Touch the screen to control the direction of the character’s movement, using items and fighting skills. Designed with an attractive script of Masato Kato, you will experience many storylines and impressive missions. Move continuously and perform many other tasks in many locations and cities.

ANOTHER EDEN – An RPG beyond time and space.

With the role-playing theme, you will have to perform many tasks and collect a variety of different items to use. Your character is designed with many attractive combat skills; you need to unlock and equip new combat skills. Upgrade characters with multiple challenges and levels, fight in many mysterious forests and labyrinths. Complete missions and earn lots of bonuses, equipping good quality items. Regularly repair and upgrade equipment such as armour and weapons.


The number of enemies is large

You will discover many new cities and locations; there will be new dangers that you must overcome. In each different city, you have to fight a large number of enemies. Especially complicated tasks that require you to fight BOSS. However, the more complex the task or enemy is, the more valuable the reward is. Destroy many dangerous and complex enemies to help you collect many high-value items. Fight wisely to destroy enemies, overcome crazy challenges and get many rewards.

Images and sounds

ANOTHER EDEN has a beautiful 3D graphics with impressive anime style of Japanese culture. The characters in the game are carefully built with realistic details. Besides, each character is voiced by many celebrities. Space and attractive battle map, the theme of the game will make you excited with many vivid images.



Apart from images, sound with good quality is a highlight that you should not ignore. More than 60 different songs and many unique background music will bring a lot of fun to experience. The songs are designed based on many different instruments with many unique orchestras. You will love this game at first sight and want to experience it right away.