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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 29 MB
  • Date Updated: March 3, 2019

Games designed with attractive and gentle management tasks always get people’s attention. Because these are interesting and suitable challenges for a simple experience when you are free. And the producer brings the most suitable products to the above elements as Green Panda Games. They are very popular with products like Bee Factory or Farm Factory. These simulation challenges always amaze players with a simple and addictive control system. And the latest simulation game with attractive management elements that you should not ignore in the current time is Ant Factory. You will discover factory management activities and hard working styles of ants.

ant factory 1

Fun management task

Similar to previous products such as Gun Idle or Sushi Bar, you have the task of managing an interesting factory with workers being agile and hardworking ants. You need to train ants to help you transport a variety of goods in the factory. Pack the goods, sell them to increase income and conduct factory upgrades. You are allowed to explore many different types of ants and experience the work of a smart manager to improve the profitability of the factory.


Players will experience Ant Factory for iOS according to the vertical screen. You will begin to experience with a production line. Touch production lines so that ants move faster when transporting goods. After the goods are carefully packed, they will be shipped by truck, and you start to earn the initial profits. Use profits wisely to expand production, such as upgrading warehouses or upgrading production lines. Conduct continuous upgrades to improve income and create stable jobs for ants.

Ant Factory – Ant Tycoon Idle Game

After the factory’s production becomes stable and meets different requirements, players can proceed to unlock many other production lines with different types of ants. Each production line will provide different types of goods such as Donuts, Leaves or Burger and many other items. In particular, your factory will automatically raise the level when completing the profit targets. Hundreds of exciting levels and a variety of unique goods are waiting for you to discover. Create a scientific management strategy to quickly raise levels and expand many different product lines.

ant factory 2

Creative design

Ant Factory APK Mod continues to be built in a simple style similar to the previous products of Green Panda Games. Simply designed interface provides easy control for players. The necessary information with management tasks such as workload or profit is always updated continuously. Image details such as ants, goods or trucks are vividly designed.

ant factory 3

The design and simple image quality of the game make it easy to set up on many different devices. You get to experience this game quickly when it has a small size of 29 MB. And suitable for devices with Android operating system from 4.1 and above.

You will love this game

Ant Factory is attractive with simple tasks, so you can easily experience this game anywhere with your phone. An easy-to-use one-touch control system makes it easy for you to join the game on the move.