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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 23 GB
  • Date Updated: February 16, 2019

Recently, ELECTRONIC ARTS (EA) has unexpectedly released a completely new Battle Royale style game called Apex Legends. Immediately, this game has been noticed by many players globally. This game has quickly gained great success with 10 million participants after only three days. Of course, the powerful phenomenon that this game brings will make more people know about this game. Have you ever experienced this game? If you have not experienced this game, you can follow the article at the bottom for more information about it.

Apex Legends 1

New games and new plans

The successes that Apex Legends for PC have achieved in the first time newly released are huge. Therefore, ELECTRONIC ARTS (EA) has also thought of expanding this game to serve more players. This is a free game; everyone can join this game easily with just a few taps. However, there are many people who do not have much time to experience this game on PC and Console. ELECTRONIC ARTS (EA) recognized the needs of the majority of players and saw a new future of this game on mobile platforms. Maybe, they will release another version of Apex Legends for iOS for mobile devices to compete with big rivals like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. We all hope that the manufacturer will create a mobile version of this game in the shortest time so that players can experience it anywhere.

Apex Legends 2

Unique gameplay

This is a Battle Royale style game, but it also has a lot of special things that other games can’t have. ELECTRONIC ARTS (EA) has created a great product when they have incorporated many characteristic elements of many different games. In this game, players can easily recognize that they are not alone in fierce battles. The battles in the game are all played in the form of teammates. A match will consist of 20 different teams; each team will have three members. The ultimate goal of each team is to destroy all the other teams and become the last surviving team. There will be no Solo or Duo mode like other traditional Battle Royale games; players can get a whole new experience.

Apex Legends for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides, this game also has different characters to let players experience. Each character possesses different special skills, and that makes the diversity of each match. Each game will be a new experience when each player has to choose their character and coordinate with their teammates to create victory. The strategy is also an important factor in this game; players will have to create different strategies with their teammates to be able to destroy the enemy easily.

Apex Legends 3

Weapon system and equipment

This game is related to Titan Fall; players will experience a lot of new things when using different weapons in battle. The weapons in the game are designed in a modern style; this creates newness for players compared to other games. You can experience a lot of new weapons in the game, the weapons in the game include sniper rifles, SMG guns, Rifle guns, Short guns, pistols, grenades … Each weapon has different uses; players need to use weapons reasonably to destroy opponents more quickly. Also, the equipment system in this game is also very diverse. You can collect this equipment easily on the game map, and each equipment will give you a distinct advantage. Defensive equipment includes armor, hat, ambulance box, Battery Sheild …, please use them in the most reasonable way to enhance your survival in battle.

Apex Legends 4

Impressive graphics

Apex Legends for Android is built on 3D graphics platform extremely sharp and beautiful. All details are designed very meticulously and clearly; you will experience the most authentic battles in this game. Also, each character in the game is designed in a unique style. Players can easily recognize the specials of each character as they prepare for battle. The sound system of the game is designed very vividly and possesses high quality. You can hear clear gunshots or clear footsteps. The sound system of the game also supports many different formats for players to experience.

Apex Legends 5

Do you feel curious and want to experience this game?

With 25 million participants in just one week after its release, Apex Legends will be a new and great choice for Battle Royale lovers. This game also brings a lot of new features that Battle Royale games can’t have. If you are interested in this game, you can use our links to download the game easily. One more thing, visit regularly to get the latest information about new versions and news of this game quickly.