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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 256 MB
  • Date Updated: June 10, 2019

Summer is a period of extreme weather with high temperatures. Everyone’s best choice is to go to the water parks to relax and enjoy the comfort. If you want to have a lot of fun and comfort this summer, you must join In the game, you have the opportunity to enjoy attractive water skiing challenges and compete with others to win. This is a completely new game of VOODOO and is now available on App Store.



Style of VOODOO

Similar to previously released products, APK Mod is prepared with an addictive and easy-to-understand gameplay system. The game retains familiar image systems that are gentle and interesting with a variety of colors. When you join it, you are allowed to explore unique water skiing challenges and enjoy fun races. You and other players will compete with each other to find the winner. The first finisher will achieve the highest rank and receive many bonuses.


Unique races are waiting for you

The manufacturer has prepared unique races for you and other players in a water park. You have the opportunity to explore various water slide challenges with various tracks. Each match, you are arranged to compete with 15 other competitors and only nine different positions for the winner. Completing the race with the higher the rank, the more bonuses you get. The races of the game have a fierce competition because there is a limit on the number of players who can win.

aquapark 4

In particular, the track in the game will be designed very complicatedly and you can not easily overcome them in a simple way. You will participate in high-speed water skiing, and on the track, there will be many obstacles to reduce your speed. If you move skillfully, you can avoid obstacles on the way and maintain the current speed. Conversely, colliding with obstacles will slow you down. And other competitors can easily overcome you to get good rankings at the end of each match. – Best water slide game

In addition to the obstacles that appear on the way, your tracks are prepared very complicatedly with many different bends. If you are just plain water skiing, you will need a lot of time to complete the race. Therefore, the manufacturer will provide paragliders to help you save time on travel. To use paragliding, you need to fly high up from the edge of the track and land in safe positions to keep moving. The use of paragliders should be done continuously to help you move quickly in a short time. It also helps you create great gaps with your competitors.

aquapark 1

In addition to creating huge gaps with competitors, you are also allowed to remove competitors from the track. To eliminate opponents, you need to push them off the track. Being pushed off the track and falling to the ground will cause them to be excluded from the race. The higher the number of opponents removed from the track, the more chance you will win. Note, competitors will also try to push you off the track. Therefore, you need smart controls and good reflexes to avoid being excluded from the race.