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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: June 24, 2019

With today’s RPG games, the variety of character classes will bring more challenges to players. It also helps them discover many beautiful fighting styles. From the current popular games, we can remind some of the character classes that are of interest to people like Assassin or Archer. In it, Archer is a character class that is loved by people because they can attack long-range and deal a lot of damage to the enemy. Based on the popularity of this class, Habby producer released Archero. It is an interesting offline game and allows you to become a professional archer. Are you ready to take down all enemies with the agility and accuracy of an archer?

archero 2

Overthrow the dark conspiracy

Coming to Archero APK Mod, you will be challenged with various adventures and missions. You are responsible for defeating the evil forces who are plotting to invade your kingdom. The journey ahead of you will be very difficult. You are alone and will face many enemies at once. Dexterous moves and quick reflexes are the keys to your survival. Fight constantly and make the enemy subdue you.

archero 3

The journey of an archer

The challenges of the game will be built on different lands. Each land you explore will be prepared with a monster system and separate BOSS to challenge you. To complete each challenge, you must destroy all monsters present on the map and survive. Monsters will appear and attack you in different locations. Therefore, you need to focus on and observe the map to get accurate shots. Besides facing multiple monsters at the same time, you must avoid the pitfalls that are available along the way. Each map will be prepared with different pitfalls, and you need to move wisely to avoid these pitfalls.

Archero – Hit and Run, Win Win Win!

As mentioned above, you will face the BOSS in many different lands. And each BOSS will possess its special attack skills. The elimination of BOSS requires players to have perseverance and wise observation. Each BOSS will have different attack and defense rules. To defeat the BOSS, you need to try to capture these rules. Try to attack them at reasonable times to deal more damage.

archero 4

Upgrade to face many dangerous opponents

To help players overcome many mysterious lands and crazy monsters in Archero. The manufacturer has prepared a variety of items and various upgrades for you to explore. Collecting and using good items will help you survive longer. Besides, it also helps you destroy enemies quickly.

archero 1

In addition to using items, you also need to upgrade items. The upgrade will help you increase various attack and defense indicators. Each upgraded item will help you gain many advantages on the battlefield. For example, you are upgrading main weapons to make more damage than normal. Upgrade your items quickly to destroy all enemies that stand in your way.