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  • Platforms: Android 2.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 19 MB
  • Date Updated: June 27, 2018

Are you a sports fan? In the world today there are many different sports that you can choose from such as football, parkour, boxing, tennis … However, there is a sport that not everyone can participate in and experience as easily as archery. This sport requires players to have good technique and a good professional school to practice. Many have dreamed of becoming a good archer like Robin Hood. They always wanted to experience this exciting sport even once in their lives. Today, we will help archery enthusiasts with a game called Archery Master 3D released by the manufacturer TerranDroid. This game is considered one of the most realistic archery simulation games, and players will have the opportunity to show their archery skills in this game. Let’s find out about it!

archery master 3d 2

Real action and shooting game

In Archery Master 3D Mod Coins you will be a professional archer. All you need to do is use your bow and shoot at the designated object on the map of the game. Players will be shown the ability to use arrows and become the best archer. The game’s control is very simple; you’ll perform touch actions and move your finger across the screen of the device to control the character performing the target lock motion. When you release your hand from the screen of your device, your character will perform an arrow movement on the target.

archery master 3d 3

You will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement you gained when shooting. Each level of difficulty will allow you to perform 5 shots, you will have to control the character well to achieve high scores in the game. Note: The game will simulate the same as in real life. You need to pay attention to the wind of the surrounding environment, this is very important. Your arrow may not at your disposal and plug into another location.

Archery Master 3D – real action and shooting game

After completing the difficulty level, you will receive bonus corresponding to the score you earned. Bonuses will help you own new bow types in the game’s store. With more than 20 different arcs to choose from, each arcade type will have separate stats. Of course, your goal is to have the best bow type to help you get through the difficulty level.

archery master 3d 4

Beautiful graphics

As its name implies, Archery Master 3D Mod Money has a very realistic and detailed 3D graphics design. All the visuals displayed on the device’s screen with the highest quality will give the player the best gaming experience. With many different camera angles, players will have more new experiences in their shootings. The sound of the game also contributes to its authenticity.

archery master 3d 5


Archery Master 3D will be a great opportunity for fans of archery. The game will definitely give players a truly immersive experience with crisp graphics and perfect physics. Join this game and become the best archer right now!

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