• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $1
  • File size: 85 MB
  • Date Updated: November 16, 2018

Ares Virus is a new role-playing game on App Store and Googleplay; the game was released by Qcplay Limited producer. Highly rated games with impressive graphics and unique gameplay, you will have a lot of crazy and addictive survival experience with this game. A new post-apocalyptic game and worth to experience in your spare time.

ares virus 1


The world is destroyed by a mysterious and dangerous bacteria, so many dead and turned into zombies are very scary and dangerous. To survive in a world without many people, you must try to live and fight to protect yourself. You will be taken to a dangerous city and considered to contain antibodies to protect people from extinction. You are a member of the S.O.T Group, responsible for surviving and searching for clues throughout the city to collect antibodies and protect human survival.

Ares Virus for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Similar to other role-playing games, you’ll use a simple virtual keyboard system to overcome the challenges of the game. Use the virtual key on the left side of the device screen to move your character, use the virtual key on the right side of the device screen to fight. To overcome the challenge of the game, you need to move constantly in the game. Search for places to find food, medicine, water, and other necessities. The resources in the game are very scarce, so you need to accumulate and use them appropriately. Along the way, you need to find many important fabrication materials hidden in many places in the game. Search for materials and learn them to help you create the tools you need to survive in a difficult situation. You need to build a lot of weapons and equipment needed to survive in the city. When you move, you will face many dangers and difficulties, and enemies will take advantage when you are most vulnerable. Try to move and fight well to survive the longest in the game. Many crazy and powerful monsters in the game are willing to kill you quickly; surely you can afford to kill them and quickly run away if you feel unwell.

ares virus 2

Image of the apocalypse

Ares Virus for Android has a very nice and new 2D graphics, the look down from top to bottom looks unique. The game’s design is simple but stable, the colors of the game are easy to see, so you do not feel tired while playing the game. The interface design of the game is simple, but you will be surprised and addicted as soon as the game experience. The layout and information needed in the game are displayed. In particular, the game has a system that displays a very clear range of attacks, giving you enjoyable and simpler game experience.

ares virus 3

You are ready to experience the game.

Ares Virus is the best role-playing game I’ve ever played, unique view and simple control system of the game is great. The game is very suitable for players who love the strong feeling and survive; you will have more true feelings when playing this game. Set up a simple game with a share link at the bottom of the article to quickly experience the game on your device.