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  • Date Updated: May 13, 2019

Compared to the boring life in the present, do you want to explore a new world with endless adventure adventures? Where will you find the above challenges? The answer for you is Armored God. This is an MMORPG game with an interesting dark fantasy style for you to experience. Coming to the game, you will be taken to an impressive magic world with monsters and chaotic battles. The journey to fight monsters and protect your peace is not simple. There are many quests and challenges for you to overcome. Join dangerous journeys to find good friends and help you complete this important mission.

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A chaotic world

The game will take place in the context of the fierce war in many different lands. The evil monsters in the world have joined together, and they are plotting to dominate the world. To do that, they need to destroy all human beings. Faced with the threat of doom, the most powerful warriors were summoned. And they have the task of uniting to protect people and destroy monsters. You are one of the many warriors summoned to the world. Join the battle and complete your noble mission.

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Warrior or Assassin?

When participating in this noble mission, the game will give you two character classes that are Warrior or Assassin. Both classes have different advantages and disadvantages. If you build a character that is reasonable and planned, you will be able to exploit many of the character’s strengths.

Armored God for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Many unique features

With the content MMORPG, you will participate in online tasks. In your journey, you have to perform many different tasks to get the necessary rewards. Completing missions will help you get items and experience points. Experience points will help you level up characters and upgrade combat skills. And the items will help you improve the power indicators for characters such as attacking or dodging.

In addition to collecting and using the equipment, players can also participate in equipment upgrade stages. Upgrading equipment is as important as upgrading combat skills. In particular, equipment upgrade work should have reasonable plans for implementation. You need to collect a lot of high-quality materials to upgrade equipment. If you don’t get good equipment for your character, it will be very difficult to kill monsters or join PVP matches.

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Besides a variety of mission systems, the game also possesses many special monsters in unique events and dungeons for you to explore. You can join dungeons by individual or group. However, the manufacturer encourages you to join the dungeons in groups. Team battles will help you quickly clear dungeons and not take much time. In particular, some high-class dungeons will have the requirement to force players to create groups.

Similar to other online challenges, Armored God APK Mod is also prepared with a private arena system for people to compete and share character building experiences. The match of PVP will be very stressful to find the winner, but it also brings a lot of fun experiences for everyone.

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Armored God owns beautiful and smooth 3D graphics. The first highlight of the game is the diverse landscapes of many different lands. The landscapes are sophisticatedly built with vivid details. You will be comfortable exploring and enjoying a beautiful world. Besides, the game possesses many unique costumes and impressive mounts for you to use. With lots of attractive costumes and beautiful mounts, you will have lots of fun adventure journeys.