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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 178 MB
  • Date Updated: August 8, 2019

In addition to bringing light-hearted games, VOODOO producer also shows people their impressive creativity with many games with compelling content. For example, strategic challenges require players to have a good mindset to be able to defeat their opponents. And manufacturers will have to build an attractive strategic challenge system so people can participate continuously.

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Understanding these things, VOODOO producer has released a unique strategic challenge of its own, and it will surely create hits in the coming time. Coming to Army Clash, players will be comfortable to enjoy many simple but addictive challenges. You will be fighting and building a powerful army of your own to overcome many interesting challenges of the game.

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Strategic challenge

Army Clash for iOS¬†will give people simple and fast-paced battles. From there, you will have a lot of fun experiences without taking much time to participate. As everyone knows, strategic challenges often require players to have plenty of free time to explore the game’s missions. However, this unique and completely new game will help you get many unique strategic challenges right on your device.

Army Clash for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The manufacturer will provide you with a grid system to help you organize your lineup before fighting. You will begin the task of fighting with some small units, and you must destroy all enemies to complete the mission. With each enemy successfully defeated will help you collect bonuses. And you use this bonus to add new soldiers to your army.

Unique battle on each level

With the construction of a simple and understandable strategy element, the game has prepared challenges at each level for you to explore. Each level will allow you to confront a different military force. And the number of your enemies will increase with each level. Therefore, you need to accumulate many bonuses to expand your army quickly. If you don’t own a large military force, enemies can quickly destroy your army with their overwhelming number.

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Many types of soldiers to use

Besides the number of diverse levels for you to fight and explore many unique battle squad. Army Clash also provides people with many different types of soldiers to use (swordman, archery, big soldier, …) Completing the required levels will allow you to unlock and use new types of soldiers.

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However, the number of diverse soldiers also requires the player to have a streamlined combat formation. If you use and arrange scientific battle teams, you can exert more pressure on the enemy and defeat them in a short time. Conversely, using and arranging unreasonable fighting teams will make your army easily confused in movement. From there, the enemy can quickly disrupt the formation and destroy your army.