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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 6.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 91 MB
  • Date Updated: December 31, 2018

Farm-themed games always receive good reviews from users, as these games are always carefully prepared. From content to activities taking place in the game and especially a sharp picture quality. Recently, a farm management game was released called Asian Town Farmer. Play Kids Entertainment created this game to meet the increasing demands of players. This game was built with an Asian-style farm theme, promising to bring the unique experience to players.

asian town farmer

Grow your farm

In Asian Town Farmer for iOS, you will experience the impressive culture of Asia. Building and experiencing the lives of Asian farmers, the beauty of Asian culture will surely impress you. You will be involved in building a traditional farm and participating in various activities to develop the farm from planting a variety of trees, taking care of, harvesting plants and participating in commodity exchanges.

asian town farmer 2

The way a farm works is simple, but to grow steadily, you will need wise business plans and capabilities. You can exchange goods that you produce with different players. This is an impressive feature, helps you grow farms and is involved in many exciting activities.

asian town farmer 3

Manage the Asian style farm

You will have to build many different buildings to develop your farms like sheds, animal sheds, and fields. These buildings will help you develop a stable economy. You will plant trees and raise many types of pets. You will have to create large fields and your economic development to become richer, well-grown crops and livestock will help you to earn more profits. A stable economy will help you expand your farm with new and upgraded buildings, giving you an impressive farm.

asian town farmer 3

Exchange of goods is the most interesting activity in this game; you will be participating in a diverse market to buy and sell a variety of foods and pets. You can sell the products you manufacture to make a profit and use a variety of vehicles to transport your goods to different locations. These activities will take place continuously and create excitement when experiencing, helping players gain more knowledge about business.

Asian Town Farmer-Offline Farm – Harvest Hay in Farming Game


Asian Town Farmer APK Mod has beautiful 3D graphics; many details are designed and built in the style of Asian culture to bring more exciting experiences. Space is designed to provide extensive observation to help players easily control and manipulate flexibly. The activities of the game are presented honestly and you will get the feeling like becoming a real farmer.

Asian Town Farmer


Asian Town Farmer is a new game with an exciting farm theme. With Asian style, players will have many unexpected experiences. Beautiful images with impressive details will surely make you love this game. Currently, the game has been updated with the latest version and brings many interesting activities for players to explore. Use the link at the end of the article to explore this game more simply.

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