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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 142 MB
  • Date Updated: May 9, 2018

ATV Snow Simulator Mod Money is a unique and attractive ATV driving simulator game released by VR Apps And Games. In the market today there are quite a lot of simulator racing ATV games, players will be difficult to choose a unique game. So, we bring you this game for the purpose of finding the most exciting and new experiences. You will be participating in races on huge snow mountains, making harsh races you have never experienced. The game will give players the most exciting ATV driving experience. Let’s learn about ATV Snow Simulator for Android.

atv snow simulator 3

The race is fierce

When participating in ATV Snow Simulator for iOS, players will own a modern ATV. Your task is to join the race and win the shortest time. You will have to control your car across the big mountains, the places you have to cross are displayed by the red flags. If you can not see the red flag, you do not need to worry. The game has a navigation system for you, which is shown with a blue arrow and a distance meter below. Players will not have to fear that they will move in the right direction and complete the task or not.

ATV Snow Simulator – New Game for Android

After the end of each race, players will receive a bonus. They can use bonuses to buy new cars in the game’s store. The game’s car system is very diverse, ATVs are very high performance awaiting players unlock. With the new ATV, players can move faster and finish the race faster. Players will also be more excited when they own the new monster is stronger and more beautiful. The game’s control system is very well optimized, so players will not spend a lot of time getting to know and mastering their car. You control the direction of the car by the virtual key at the bottom left of the screen. You control the speed of the car by the virtual key at the bottom right corner of the screen.

atv snow simulator 2

Beautiful graphic design

ATV Snow Simulator Mod Money owns a very nice 3D graphics design. The ATV and its surroundings will be displayed very clearly and honestly on your device screen. Players will get the most realistic racing feel in the game. The different snow-covered terrain is clearly shown to make the player feel very excited and excited. The sound of the engine and the sound of the car when it is diverted are described in the same way as in real life.

atv snow simulator 1

You can download the game here

If you are a strong ATV fan, you will not be able to skip ATV Snow Simulator. With a variety of vehicle systems, visual and sound design, and a well-optimized control system. The game will give players the most authentic driving experience. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.