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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: April 11, 2019

The trend of current strategy games is to combine strategic elements with the chess board battle system. This gameplay system is now very much interested. If you’ve ever discovered Dota Auto Chess or Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes, you must discover Auto Chess Legends. You will continue to experience intense battles and continuous calculations to win against other opponents. Use characters as chess pieces and create classic fighting styles for enemies to respect you.

auto chess legends 1

New but familiar game

Auto Chess Legends for iOS was developed based on the success of Dota Auto Chess. The game retains the character system and familiar combat skills of heroes in DotA. Overall, the game is well designed from images to gameplay and meets all the entertainment needs of users. You will continue to participate in online combat and must overcome seven other players to win.

auto chess legends 2

Character system

With some new characters and familiar characters from DotA, you won’t spend much time getting used to and controlling the game. Your battles and other players will take place on maps designed with squares such as chess tables (8×8). To use and upgrade game characters, you must use the accumulated bonuses after completing the match.

Auto Chess Legends for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Before joining the battle, you must choose the characters and build a reasonable strategy system to win. Strategic elements are the main challenge of the game. So you join the fight without any strategy, you will fail. Arrange characters in reasonable locations and regularly upgrade after each turn to gain many advantages before the enemy. The characters will automatically join the battle on the map, and you need to arrange a science battle formation to get the victory. You and other players will not be able to see each other’s battle line while in the character layout stage. Therefore, the battle will become much more attractive.

auto chess legends 3

Besides fighting and collecting new characters, players also participate in collecting and using new types of battle maps. There are many interesting battle maps with impressive images and colors for players to experience. Try to collect and use many different types of maps to get more interesting images for entertainment. In particular, the game is also prepared a global ranking system for you to compete with everyone. Play continuously and win the best positions in the rankings.

Friendly interface

Auto Chess Legends APK Mod owns an easy-to-see interface and has an attractive image system. The folders of the game are built intuitively and help the player perform control operations quickly. Besides, the interface system is designed and used in different colors to bring more unique images to users.

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Auto Chess Legends brings a new and addictive gameplay system. You will love the challenges of the game and attractive online competition. The manufacturer encourages users to explore with friends to share many fun stories and have more fun.