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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 340 MB
  • Date Updated: January 19, 2019

Avatar Kingdoms – The most exciting role-playing game that you should not miss now, attractive turn-based battles with many powerful characters. You will join a whole new world with dangerous adventure stories to explore many new lands in the world. Fight and compete with millions of players around the world to prove you are the smartest and most powerful player. This game was released by OASIS GAMES LIMITED; this producer has created a unique world with many different adventure journeys for you to experience. Join the new world and conquer every land you set foot in, destroy the enemies who dare to hinder you.

avatar kingdoms 2

Unique strategy game

Avatar Kingdoms for iOS is a unique strategy game built in the familiar Card RPG style. Many interesting characters with beautiful costumes are waiting for you to collect. Summon characters and create a powerful fighting team, you will command them to participate in many dangerous journeys with great rewards. Join discovering many new lands and fighting different enemies to conquer these lands. A series of dangerous and fun tasks will help you get more excited experiences. The endless adventure journey is ahead, summoning and creating a team of your adventurers.

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Summon character

To summon the characters of the game, you will have to perform many different missions and events. Completing quests will give you the opportunity to own many characters with special powers. With the system of diverse characters, you will create many interesting battle squad. Possessing many characters helps you to have many different options to create a complete fighting group. Discover the power of each character and create the most powerful warrior group.

Avatar Kingdoms for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Avatar Kingdoms APK Mod brings exciting adventure journeys; you can explore many different lands beside interesting stories. Discovering new worlds gives you the opportunity to gather new characters. The game requires you to have a strong fighting squad and use a wise strategy when fighting. Using a reasonable strategy and combining well with the power of each character will help you control the battle better. The battle will take place in many different locations with a variety of enemies. You can quickly defeat the enemy with the special fighting skills of each character. These skills will be activated after you accumulate enough energy. With many strong combat skills, you should calculate carefully before using. If not used properly, you will be defeated by the enemy and must play again.

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Sharp graphics

This game has beautiful 2D graphics, very sophisticated built characters with many beautiful outfits. The interface and monitoring system of the game is easy to use, making it easier for you to experience. Diverse space with many unique battle maps, you will have many interesting experiences with beautiful images that this game brings.

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Avatar Kingdoms with attractive content and good images will help you experience better. Compete with many players and experience fierce battles to become the strongest. Strategic content is addictive and offers light entertainment experiences.