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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: January 16, 2019

If you are a fan of online role-playing games, you will know NEXON Company. This manufacturer is very famous for online games on PC and mobile platforms. Their products always bring exciting visual experiences with addictive gameplay. In particular, this company has many outstanding products and is highly appreciated in the mobile game market. To continue to lead the mobile game market and confirm the power of the products they created, NEXON Company released a new role-playing game called AxE: Alliance vs Empire. With great preparation from graphics to gameplay, don’t miss this great game.

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Addictive content

AxE: Alliance vs Empire for iOS brings people to a beautiful world with fierce battles between many different factions. You will experience a vast world and many diverse tasks. Players must participate in the most intense war between the two factions to decide who will control the world. Besides, you can experience many fascinating storylines in different missions and be involved in a variety of impressive events around the game. These activities will bring a lot of fun, and you should experience with friends to share the most interesting stories.

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Fight for your faction

When you start the experience AxE: Alliance vs Empire APK Mod, you have to go through some basic guidelines in battle such as controlling characters and using combat skills. Implementing the initial instructions will help you become more familiar with and control the character. Complete tutorials to help you feel more confident and enjoy the game. After completing the tutorial, the player will proceed to choose the faction. The game offers two factions: Galanos Alliance and Holy Darkhaan Empire.

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After selecting a faction, you will begin to participate in creating characters to experience. Each faction will bring you three different character classes. In it, Galanos Alliance owns character classes including Titan, Archer and Blademaster. Holy Darkhaan Empire brings character classes including Valkyrie, Warrior and Mage. The characters of the game are equipped with attractive combat skills for everyone to use and enjoy. Also, you can experience and collect many beautiful costumes for the character. Feel free to choose factions and create characters according to your preferences.

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AxE: Alliance vs Empire for Android provides a battlefield and fierce competition between Galanos Alliance and Holy Darkhaan Empire. You have to perform many different missions to level up the character. Completing the mission will help you get experience points and corresponding rewards. The more complex the task, the greater the experience points and rewards. For complex tasks, you are encouraged to work with the team. Creating a group will help you easily complete difficult tasks and have the opportunity to collect many rare rewards. To make your character stronger, you need to build and equip many good quality weapons. Use weapons with high level and score to help you fight better before many enemies.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Open World Fantasy MMORPG

In addition to the game’s missions, you can experience the unique PVP mode in the arena. PVP mode will bring you the most interesting battle pictures, compete with others to develop your character. Discover a range of exciting fighting skills and defeat many other players to show your abilities.


 AxE: Alliance vs Empire has beautiful 3D graphics and smooth movement with high image quality that will make you love. A variety of unique features will bring the best relaxation to everyone. You should experience with friends to have more fun.