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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 56 MB
  • Date Updated: February 4, 2019

Rugby, America’s favourite sport. This sport brings a lot of strong emotions to people with attractive matches. Based on this exciting sport, Voodoo producer developed a new game with many unique details. Ball Mayhem is designed based on rugby, but has been designed with many exciting changes and promises to bring more unique experiences to users. The competition in this game also becomes more gentle and interesting. Currently, the game is available on two applications that are familiar to everyone Googleplay and App Store.

ball mayhem 1

Familiar sports

Rugby is a unique sport and is played in a multi-player form. There will be two teams participating in the stadium, to win, you must create more scores than the opponent. To create a lot of points, you must hold the ball and run to the point of scoring on the opponent’s field. With the exciting activities of rugby, Voodoo has developed a simple but very interesting game.

ball mayhem 2

Ball Mayhem for Android is simply designed, so it won’t take long for players to control the game’s activities and controls. On the stadium, the number of members in each team will be less than reality, and it will bring more competitive competition. You will control the character, move wisely to avoid opponents and create many good achievements.

Gentle matches

With simple content, the game’s control system is not too complicated. You just need to tap and hold your finger on the device’s screen to control the direction of the character’s movement. Move around the stadium to prevent opponents when they hold the ball or move flexibly to run to the scoring position. In each match, you will be randomly arranged to compete with many other players.

Ball Mayhem – From rookie to MVP!

When experiencing, you need to pay close attention when moving to prevent opponents quickly and accurately. When the opponent is holding the ball, you just need to move quickly and collide with the opponent to steal the ball. When you hold the ball, the opponent will act the same, so you need to move wisely and avoid the collision with the opponent. Each match will have a limited time to play, so you should score a lot of points. Creating multiple scores in a short time will help you easily win the opponent.

ball mayhem 3

Grow your team

Players will compete continuously to gain experience points and level up. The winning match will help you get more experience points. Or you can view the ads after each match to get a lot more experience points and quickly raise the level. Viewing ads does not take much time, and you can quickly participate in the next match. When you reach a higher level, you will face better players.

ball mayhem 4


Similar to the previous products of Voodoo, Ball Mayhem is easy to experience and helps you have more fun. You have little time to relax; this game is a suitable option to participate. Attractive competition with many other players in the world will make you feel a lot more excited. Lovely pictures and unique gameplay will create for you many exciting experiences.