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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: November 20, 2018

Ketchapp is a very well-known manufacturer in the mobile game market, many of the company’s games have simple content but very interesting and popular gameplay. Many of their games are highly appreciated, these games always leave a great impression on many players. Many games produced by Ketchapp have been downloaded and installed on many mobile devices. The latest game released by Ketchapp is called Ball Pack, a unique rolling ball game from the graphics to the gameplay of the game.

ball pack 4

Ketchapp’s new game

Ball Pack for iOS is a recently released game and has over a hundred thousand downloads. Highlighted with unique and easy-to-understand content, you will help Marbles overcome the obstacles in the game to achieve impressive results. The content of the game is suitable for many people, and you will easily experience the game anywhere. The game is suitable for those who require simple but fun content; the game is also suitable for those with little time to rest. The speed of the game helps players to balance their time for rest and work.

ball pack 1

Interesting experiment

In the game you will have to control more balls in different lanes, you will control the maximum in the game is four balls with four different lanes. All over the lane will appear many different obstacles to damage marbles and prevent you from accumulating many high-value achievements. To experience the game, just touch the lanes on the screen of the device to help the ball fly high and overcome obstacles in the game. The game has no limit to the number of playbacks and limited time, so players are more comfortable playing the game.

ball pack 2

At the beginning of the game, you will control two balls with two different lanes. Initially, the speed and number of obstructions in the game are very few and slow. So you will easily complete the game with the score that the game requires. But at a more difficult level, the speed of movement and the number of obstacles to the game will become faster and more complex. So you need to be calm and agile in control to overcome the obstacles of the game. When you reach the higher level where the game requires you to control up to four balls with four different lanes, then the experience of the game is crazy and fun. Then you will need more agility to win the game; if you fail, you will have to play again.

Ball Pack for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Simple but attractive graphics

Similar to the previous product, Ball Pack APK Mod has relatively simple graphics but still very nice and attractive. Games have high image quality, and color of the game is constantly changing and often to make the game more beautiful. The interface of the game is also designed to be user-friendly. If you are familiar with the game of Ketchapp, then you will surely be satisfied with the attractive graphics quality of this game.

ball pack 3

A game worth to experience

You are familiar and loved many of the previous games of Ketchapp; Ball Pack is a game that you and everyone should not ignore. This is a fun, relaxing game and will make a trend in the future. The graphics and gameplay of the game are designed in harmony with the current entertainment needs. Set up a simple and faster game with the shared link at the bottom of the article.