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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: April 28, 2019

The current trend that people are interested in is simple and addictive content games. These games are usually very easy to set up on many devices, and players can comfortably relax when they are free without much hassle. Easy-to-understand challenges also bring a lot of fun time for everyone. Referring to games with easy-to-understand and addictive gameplay, you cannot ignore VOODOO manufacturer. They have a lot of success thanks to the focus on designing and producing simple content games. Recently, they released a new game called Balls Rotate. It received a lot of positive feedback from Googleplay, and you can use the link at the end of the article to explore the game more quickly.

balls rotate 2

Interesting challenge

In this new game, VOODOO continues to bring fun challenges for everyone. When exploring Rotate Balls, you have the task of arranging the mazes on the device’s screen to bring the balls into the tube. The manufacturer has designed many different mazes to test your observation and judgment. The mazes are prepared with many different paths, and you have to look smart to find the exit.

Balls Rotate for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Enhance your guessing ability

As mentioned above, the manufacturer will test your judgment with many different mazes and paths. If the player observes well and selects appropriate paths, you will quickly complete the request. If you do not select incorrect paths, the balls will not reach the required location. Choosing the wrong path will take you a long time to rearrange the mazes, and you cannot complete the task.

balls rotate 3


To arrange the mazes and get the balls into the tube, you must touch the screen and rotate to the left or right to control the movement of the balls. When arranging mazes, the balls will automatically move into the paths you have selected and reach the required location. With a simple one-touch operation, you can comfortably experience this game anywhere.

Labyrinth system and diverse levels

Similar to previous products, Balls Rotate APK Mod is also built with a series of individual levels and each level will be designed with different maze systems. The preparation of each level of a private labyrinth system will bring many unexpected challenges for everyone and create more fun. There are many different types of mazes for you to explore and overcome. With many different mazes and paths, you must find the paths in the fastest and most accurate way to complete the level.

balls rotate 4

Sharp graphics

The game has a simple and easy-to-see 3D graphics. To bring more pleasant and relaxing images and not to create boredom, the manufacturer has prepared a variety of themes with different colors. Each maze and level has its colors, colors of the mazes and well-coordinated themes to create lightness and fun for players.

balls rotate 1


Balls Rotate a suitable option to relax on weekends or after stressful work. It doesn’t have many complex and easy-to-understand requirements; you can entertain with friends and colleagues. Level system and a variety of beautiful colors will create comfort for you when you experience. Download and enjoy the game right now to get more fun.