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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 43 MB
  • Date Updated: July 27, 2019

Baseball Fury – a new and gentle challenge of VOODOO. As everyone knows, baseball is a popular sport in many countries around the world. However, the rules of this sport are relatively complicated, and it requires many participants to compete. Understanding everyone’s interest in this sport and wanting to bring more joy to everyone, VOODOO has designed and created this unique game.

baseball fury 2

Participate in this new game; you have the opportunity to comfortably enjoy the fascinating challenges of baseball in a simple and understandable way, instead of playing in groups at large stadiums. You will discover challenges at outdoor locations and face many unique opponents.

Baseball in the battlefield

Baseball Fury APK Mod provides a relatively simple and fun mission system. Instead of making shots to score points, you will make many powerful shots to destroy the enemy’s battle boats. The enemies you will face are dangerous pirates. They will move with huge war boats and use cannons to shoot at you with different balls. Therefore, you have the task of controlling the character and performing various strikes to destroy the enemy’s base.

baseball fury 3

Destroy all enemies

With a completely new and unique polish challenge. You will enjoy these challenges on each level, and each level will be arranged in different stages. Each level will have at least two stages and at most three stages for you to pass. To be able to complete the required task, you must move the character by swiping to the left or right to make the correct shot. Enemies will shoot at you with many different balls, and you need to predict their falling points to make a complete shot. Each accurate blow will help you destroy enemy warships. Many accurate and continuous shots will help you quickly defeat the enemy in a short time.

Baseball Fury – Hit a ball like a pro batter

Besides observing and performing good shots, you have to overcome many dangerous traps of enemies. In addition to normal white balls, the enemy also shot towards you many black bombs. If you are not careful and attack these bombs, everything around you will explode, and the challenge will be stopped. So you have to calm down and move carefully to avoid these dangerous bombs. To assist players in completing impressive challenges, the manufacturer also designs special sticks for you to use. These special sticks have a large size and make it easy to get more accurate hits quickly. However, these special sticks will have a limited time to use.

baseball fury 4

Between each stage of the level, you will be moved through a special bridge. On this bridge, there will appear many gold coins, and they are arranged in many separate positions. In addition to defeating enemies, you also need to collect the gold coins that appear on the way. Therefore, you need to control the character quickly so that you can collect as many gold coins as possible. These gold coins will be used for you to buy many new characters in Baseball Fury.