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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 60 MB
  • Date Updated: August 7, 2019

With the rapid development of the internet system today, people often choose online entertainment challenges to relax. Coming to online challenges, players have the opportunity to meet many other people and are comfortable to show off their great personal skills. If you are looking for an attractive and addictive online challenge? BattleTime is a name that you can’t ignore. Join this game; you will enjoy exciting real-time battles and confront many other players around the globe.

battletime real time 2

Unique battles

BattleTime APK Mod promises to give people simple but exciting and stressful battles. You must control the bases that you own to summon soldiers. After that, you must control the soldiers and attack the various structures on the map. Taking up more and more bases, you can summon and control more soldiers. Your enemy will also perform the same tasks as above. Therefore, you need to have plans to capture the bases wisely and quickly.

battletime real time 3

Choose a representative

Similar to some current strategic challenges, you will start the game with the task of selecting characters. The game will give you certain options to use. Each character will have a skill page system, and you can upgrade them after completing the game’s requirements. The selected character will be tasked to head your army and help you battle enemies in many different battlefields. Note, the skill upgrade process for characters needs to be reasonably calculated and avoid inappropriate upgrades.

BattleTime Conquest for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Strike up all structures to win

When participating in combat, you will be taken to a certain map system. On the map, you can see many different structures, and they are arranged in separate locations on the map. In the upcoming battle, you are provided with a basic base, and it will help you summon soldiers to use in combat. Besides summoning soldiers, you also need time to develop the bases you own.

battletime real time 4

After your base is successfully upgraded, they will help you quickly summon a large number of soldiers in a short period of time. Being able to upgrade many bases at the same time will give you a lot of advantages on the battlefield. Therefore, you need to calculate and use smart strategies to capture many structures and quickly upgrade them in the shortest time possible.

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Two game modes

To help people get new challenges, BattleTime is built with two modes of online and offline. With offline, you can participate in many different battlefields already prepared in the game. Enjoying offline tasks also helps you train and build your own compelling strategies. If you feel confident and ready to face many other players, online challenges are waiting for you to discover. Join this fierce mode; you will be randomly arranged to play against multiple people at once (1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, …) Compared to offline, online mode offers more intense and intense battles. If you don’t get calm and wise, your opponents will quickly submerge you with their army.