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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 36 MB
  • Date Updated: March 4, 2019

Ben 10 Alien Race is An exciting racing game built based on the famous animated movie, Ben 10. In this fascinating game, you will discover a variety of interesting alien characters and take part in unique obstacle racing. The races in the game are unlimited, so you can comfortably relax next to the interesting characters. The game was released by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd and they prepared a lot of attractive levels for you to explore and get more fun.

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Based on the famous movie

With content based on the animated movie Ben 10, players will experience fun adventure journeys and confront many different enemies. Similar to the movie Ben 10, you start the game by watching an interesting movie about Ben finding the strange watch Omnitrix. With the power of Omnitrix, Ben will be transformed into various types of aliens and have their strengths.

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After possessing the mysterious power, “Ben” discovers that his sister has been kidnapped by Dr. “Steam Smythe” and his retainers. You are supposed to help Ben rescue his sister and face many dangerous enemies along the way; you will have to overcome many dangerous locations along with a series of pitfalls, help Ben to complete Successful quest and rescue sister.

Ben 10 Alien Race for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Ben 10 Alien Race for iOS¬†owns an interesting control system with many different virtual keys. The virtual keys of the game are scientifically designed and arranged on either side of the device’s screen to help you easily control the game. With the task of rescuing his sister, the player must pass many different levels. You will have to perform two basic tasks: defeat the enemy on the way and drive to the required position to complete the level.

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When fighting an enemy, Omnitrix will be used, and you have the opportunity to discover five different types of aliens. Alien characters include Four Arm, Diamond Head, XLR8, Heatblast and Cannonbolt. Each of these characters has their fighting skills to use. Touch the virtual keys to the left of the device’s screen to use skills when fighting. In particular, each character will possess a special fighting skill. This skill will be used after you have accumulated enough energy required. Note, you need to unlock aliens to use. New characters will be unlocked after you have completed the required levels.

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After completing the mission to defeat the enemy and create a safe passage, you must control your car to move to the required location. Driving task is very simple, so you will not take much time to complete the level. On the way, there are many coins that will appear randomly. You collect all the coins available on the way. Because they will be used to help you upgrade and edit your car. You are allowed to edit and decorate the car according to personal preferences.


Ben 10 Alien Race APK Mod features beautiful 2D graphics and a simple horizontal screen motion system that makes the experience more unique. Moving the horizontal screen also helps the player to perform controls that are not too complicated and suitable for all ages when experiencing. For light entertainment purposes, the details in the game are beautifully designed with a bright colour system.

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You need a gentle relaxation experience; Ben 10 Alien Race is the right choice for the time being. Bright colours and simple gameplay will give you more fun. Also, the challenges of the game are also suitable for young children. Therefore, this is a good choice for children to experience easily and safely.