Best Fiends – A unique puzzle game built on different insects. This game possesses a lovely image system with many interesting challenges. You will be challenged with many different puzzles and explore many kinds of insects around the world. Not only bring great entertainment images, but you can also comfortably experience it anywhere. It is currently released by Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. and players can download it quickly through the links we provide.

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Defend the kingdom

Best Fiends APK Mod will bring you many interesting stories revolving around the kingdom of Minutia – a peaceful place to live for many different insects. However, an unexpected event happened. A mysterious meteor has fallen at the foot of Boom mountain and inside the meteorite contains a dangerous toxic gas. Any kind of insect that is inhaled will be transformed and become an evil person. Unfortunately, snails near this meteorite have been transformed, and they begin to attack the kingdom of Minutia. They destroy everything on the road and make other insects frightened. To protect the kingdom, some insects have stood up against the snail’s destruction and discovered the mysteries surrounding the dangerous meteorite.

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To protect the kingdom and discover the mysteries of strange meteors, you will have to overcome many different levels. Besides passing levels, you also have the task of collecting new insects to defeat the invasion of evil snails. Each level will allow you to fight a different snail, and they will have a certain amount of HP. You can only join new levels after defeating the evil snail at the previous level.

Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure – FUN and ADDICTIVE Match 3

Your challenges are prepared in the familiar match-3 style. You must cleverly arrange the foods that the manufacturer offers in horizontal or vertical rows. Arrangements require 3 or more items of the same shape. Each time you successfully arrange, you are allowed to attack your enemies. Scientific and accurate arrangements will help you attack your opponent continuously and quickly complete the level. Over 2000 levels with unexpected challenges ahead are waiting for you to pass.

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The arrangement of objects with the same shape is very simple. But to quickly defeat the bad snails, you need to be calm and watch carefully. In particular, each level will have a move limit. You can only complete the mission by successfully destroying the snail with the limit of movement allowed. Therefore, you cannot arrange arbitrarily and without thinking. A streamlined arrangement will help you kill snails. Conversely, miscellaneous arrangements will not destroy wicked snails, and you will use up all of the allowed moves.

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Best Fiends is a gentle and most engaging puzzle game today. With simple content and easy-to-understand controls, you can relax in a short time. Besides, it also possesses a normal size (100 MB), which makes it easy to install on many different devices.