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  • Date Updated: October 10, 2018

Everybody is sure to remember the simple and impressive games of VOODOO producer. But there is another manufacturer that you should know as Lion Studios. This is a well-known manufacturer with many popular games such as Cash, Inc., Fortune Game, Speed ​​Ball, Clicker Racing, Love Balls, etc. Recently, Lion Studios producer has released Big Big Baller. One of the best Arcade games today with over 1 million downloads on Google Play and App Store. Let’s find out what’s interesting in the game waiting for you to explore through this article.

big big baller 4

Big Big Baller

One day, in the city, appeared the ball with many different colors. They start moving around the city and destroying everything on their way such as houses, cars, airplanes, buses to buildings, etc. This is the main content of the game. You will control a ball and start exploring the city and swallowing everything on your way.

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Interesting game

The game has gameplay very simple and easy to understand. This is an online multiplayer game. Your task in the game is to control your ball and try to swallow everything along the way. Try to get your ball to swallow the most and become the biggest in the map. Note, you need to avoid bigger balls as they will destroy your ball. If your ball is bigger than the other balls, destroy them. Watch and move carefully so that no larger balls are destroyed.

Big Big Baller – Roll over and crush everything

To control the ball, simply touch the screen of the device and select the direction you want the ball to go. At the start of the game, swallow small items such as mailboxes, trash cans, cars, and planes. If you want to be bigger, then swallow the small houses and then to the high buildings. Try to avoid the bigger balls and try to destroy the smaller balls. Note that each level will have a limit of play time, so you need to calculate carefully to get the best score.

big big baller 2

Unique graphics

The game has impressive 3D graphics, and the game also allows you to rotate 360 ​​degrees to see the direction of movement and look at your ball. The graphics of the game do not require highly configurable devices so you can enjoy the game on a variety of mobile devices. Image details in the game are very nice and interesting.

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Big Big Baller APK Mod is a very impressive game from Lion Studios producer. You will experience a completely new feeling when playing the game. This is an entertaining game that people should not ignore. This game is very fun and suitable for entertainment after many hours of study and hard work.