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  • Date Updated: July 11, 2018

City development is a very familiar topic for many players. Developers want to create unique products that appeal to players. Nowadays, city development games have made many improvements and become much more authentic than the first time. In recent times, players continue to have the opportunity to experience a brand new city-building game called Big Company: SKYTOPIA. This game was released by Goodgame Studios, a relatively new developer with players but they know how to attract players with a new city building game. So, we are going to start learning about this game right now.

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City in the air

Entering the game, you will be able to own a flying city in the air. The idea of ​​a flying city in the sky has been exploited by many films, and they are very successful. Players will feel very surprised when their city is flying in the air, and they are also curious about the city’s development will help the city become more beautiful. However, the special thing about this game is not in its appearance. You will develop your economy in this city and create something that you can not imagine.

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Big Company: SKYTOPIA APK Download will give the player a small amount of money initially. You will use this money to build small factories and start producing goods. Merchandising will give you a lot of money, and you can use them to build other buildings and plants. Also, the human element is also an interesting point of this game. You will recruit top scientists such as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie … These scientists will help you get new and more modern technologies to produce more goods. You will become much richer when you own the most modern technology in this game.

Big Company: SKYTOPIA for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, trading and promoting a more developed economy will also be important factors that players need to pay attention to. You will be meeting with other entrepreneurs in this game. Those entrepreneurs are the other players around the globe. You will learn from them how to produce and exchange the goods they need to receive money and unlock many other features in the game.

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Animated graphics

Big Company: SKYTOPIA Mod Money has a beautiful 3D animated graphic design. All the buildings in the city and the surrounding sky are beautifully designed with bright colours. The visual effects as players make the development and upgrading of the city are described very vividly.

big company skytopia 3

New selection!

Big Company: SKYTOPIA will be a new choice for city game developers. You will become a mayor and businessman in this game. Grow your city and make every dream come true. Discover it!