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  • Platforms: iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: $1.99
  • File size: 183 MB
  • Date Updated: September 12, 2019

Off-road driving challenges are very common on mobile platforms, and each game has its fun for everyone to experience. Are you bored with overly complicated shooting or RPG games? So do you want to take part in a simple and light off-road driving challenge? Come to Bike Baron to enjoy many fun levels and show your skillful control. With understandable content, this game is suitable for all ages. Currently, the game is released by Mountain Sheep and is available on App Store.

Bike Baron 2

Many fascinating challenges to complete

With a unique off-road driving mission, Bike Baron APK Mod¬†will bring over 400 crazy challenges for everyone to enjoy. Each challenge will correspond to a new level of the game (from easy to difficult). In addition to participating in the prepared challenges, the manufacturer also allows players to design their challenges to complete. In particular, you can also share these designs with many other players through the game’s online ranking competition system. Thousands of unique designs have been designed and shared by players around the globe. Did you prepare a sense of stability to participate in many fascinating challenges ahead?

Bike Baron for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Easy-to-use virtual key system

To control and overcome the challenges of the game, the manufacturer will provide you with four different virtual keys to use. In particular, the left and right of the screen of the device will be arranged balanced by two virtual keys on each side. On the right of the screen will be two virtual keys Stop and Go, touching Go will help your car accelerate and move continuously. To slow down the movement speed and ensure a steady movement speed against obstacles, you need to touch Stop. In contrast, the left of the screen is equipped with two virtual keys in the shape of an arrow to help you balance the vehicle during the move.

Bike Baron 3

Complete challenges and collect new characters

With many diverse levels and online ranking system, players will have to complete many different levels to achieve their outstanding achievements. Each level will have an obstacle system and path. Therefore, you have to be calm to get clever manipulation controls. If you do not control properly, your car may hit the ground, and the challenge will be stopped.

Besides completing the challenges, the manufacturer also prepares many gold coins along the way. Therefore, you need to move cleverly to be able to collect all the gold coins that appear along the way. Collecting gold coins will help you collect new characters with beautiful outfits and more powerful cars.

Bike Baron 4


The number of challenges prepared in Bike Baron is relatively small. Therefore, players will mainly participate in the challenge with friends to compete online. Competition online and surpassing the unique designs of other players will bring a lot of excitement to you. If you can complete many challenges prepared by other players, you will get high ranking positions in the online rankings.