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  • Date Updated: July 31, 2019

Races always bring exciting experiences for players. Coming to the races, players will be relaxed and compete with many other competitors. From there, people will not be bored and can participate in many different races to achieve their outstanding achievements.

bike rush 3

Currently, there are many unique products and give players many different races like race big motorbikes or race car. Each of these challenges has its unique features and offers many exciting races for your entertainment. However, these challenges are currently very popular. If you are too familiar with these races, you may want to explore new and exciting races? So, Bike Rush is an attractive option for you to explore right now. It will give you intense bike races in different cities, and you will be competing against more than 20 opponents at once.

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Addictive races

Bike Rush APK Mod is designed with simple races but brings many fun challenges for everyone. You will have to control your bike wisely to be able to get past many opponents and reach the required location as quickly as possible although bike races are often simpler than a motorbike or car races. However, players still need to have a good concentration to win. Without proper concentration and control, opponents will easily overcome you.

Bike Rush – Extreme city bicycle race

Compete and become the best racer

Join the game; you will be arranged to compete with over 20 different opponents on the map. The map system of the game has been carefully prepared with many obstacles to overcome. To be able to quickly overcome other opponents, you need to control skillfully so that the character moves through the prepared acceleration ramps on the map. Moving through these assistive devices, your vehicle can accelerate quickly and easily pass rivals. After moving through the slopes, you can perform many different flip moves to receive the bonus. In addition to collecting bonuses, flip operations also help you achieve faster movement speeds after landing.

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In addition to achieving fast movement speed to overcome opponents. You can also cause collisions and cause your opponents to fall off the vehicle. To do that, you must move at high speed and crash into the opponent from behind or at the side. Falling the opponent will help you quickly achieve the necessary position to be able to win at the end of the race.

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To defeat other opponents, you also need to perform various upgrades for your vehicle. There will be two basic upgrades that you need to perform a continuous upgrade if you want to reach the required location as quickly as possible. These two upgrades include coin value and flip boost. If you want to upgrade these two functions, you need to collect lots of bonuses. The amount used to perform upgrades will increase over time. Therefore, you need to accumulate a large number of bonuses to achieve the best performance in each match of Bike Rush.