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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 245 MB
  • Date Updated: July 24, 2018

Defence and strategy games have been around for a long time. These games have given players a playground to show their strategic abilities along with creative ideas. Recently, Auer Media & Entertainment developer has officially released their new defence game called Billion Lords. This game is a very creative combination between the two elements is defensive and strategic. Unlike the traditional Tower Defense games, the gameplay of this game is completely new and will give players the unique experience. Let’s find out about Billion Lords for Android/iOS.

billion lords 2


Hell is a scary place, this place is ruled by a demon lord. The devil is seeking to create a powerful army to invade the human world and rob the soul of man. Wars take place everywhere, and the world is becoming very chaotic. The god of light has made a summon of the strongest heroes; he has created a force to protect the world. In the end, the human race won, and the demon lord was destroyed. However, the lords of hell started scrambling for the throne for the head. A new war has taken place, who will be the winner?

billion lords 3

Destroy the enemy

When participating in the game, players will be going to hell. You will become a warlord and join the war to rob the throne from the other lords. Each lord owns a dungeon, which is a shelter and against the enemies of the lords. You will lead the demons and build a dungeon for yourself. Also, you also need a powerful army to fight an enemy. You can summon many different types of soldiers, each with unique strengths that the player needs to understand. You can create a lot of different tactics from your soldiers and defeat the enemy.

billion lords 4

Some other features

Evil League is a feature that allows you to join a group along with other players. You can unlock the new features of the game and get the many benefits that these features bring. Also, you can also compete with other players in the League Arena mode. You can participate in real-time battles with other players to see who is stronger. The game has many other interesting things waiting for players to explore.

Billion Lords – It’s gooooood to be evil!

Creative graphics

Billion Lords APK Download own animated cartoon style 3D design. The types of soldiers in the game are very creative, each type of soldier has its style and players easily recognize them. Pitfalls in the Dungeon are also designed in great detail and have many different styles. In particular, the sound system of the game is very well expressed. Players will experience the most intense battle with the creative graphics of the game.

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Billion Lords is a very innovative game and possesses many different styles. If you are looking for a strategy game in a new style, then this game will be a great choice for you. Currently, the game is in beta and may have errors. Please contribute your feedback to the developer so that this game is most complete in the official release.