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In addition to scientific and technological research, people often research and develop many different healing methods to improve health. The more life developed, the more they discovered many dangerous diseases and could be harmful to everyone’s health. Since then, many methods of control and health care have been developed. Do you want to explore methods of health monitoring and capture a lot of useful information when you are sick? Download and enjoy Bio Inc, this unique game is currently developed by DryGin Studios and receives a lot of good reviews from users because it gives players more useful information to ensure their health.

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Healing for everyone

With Bio Inc APK Mod, you will get more useful information in the process of controlling your health. The manufacturer will provide players with fictitious patients for people to conduct their health monitoring. In addition to monitoring the health of patients, you also have the task of finding hazards or viruses that can harm your patients. After finding the hazards and viruses that cause illness, you need to closely monitor your patients to observe the progress of the disease. With these unique monitoring tasks, the game will give people more useful information about the process of formation and development of infected people. Since then, people have their ways of preventing in the present life.

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Information related to the monitoring process

When participating in surveillance challenges, a fictional body will be provided to you along with many different directories for you to manage. Each directory will show you information about the patient’s health. These directories include Circulatory, Respiratory, Nervous, Muscular, Renal, Skeletal, and Digestive.

Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague – Diseases and infection RTS

Each of these directories will start with good indicators (100%). However, the infection process will develop, and the above indicators will gradually decrease over time. Your task is to monitor the progress of the indicators being lowered and collect the information related to the lowered parameters. For example, Circulatory, after being lowered, will be dangerous for patients. Or lowering indicators like Renal, Nervous will change the body of the infected person.

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In addition to monitoring disease development, you are also responsible for promoting the process of infection and disease development. This is considered as a unique game mode of Bio Inc. By touching different health folders, you can stimulate and support the viruses that destroy the patient’s body. Wise stimulation will help you quickly lower the patient’s health indicators and help the virus thrive. However, the viral stimulation process needs to be carried out naturally to monitor and record the full course of the patient’s infection.