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  • Date Updated: July 16, 2019

CAPCOM is a famous name in the gaming industry of the world. This producer is famous for releasing many exciting games on PC and Console platforms. After the success on these two platforms, they began to encroach on producing and publishing games on the mobile platform. In addition to familiar RPG and antagonistic challenges, this manufacturer also has its unique strategic challenges.

black command 3

In it, Black Command is an addictive strategy game recently released by CAPCOM, and it is available on Googleplay. Compared to games of the same genre, this game allows you to enjoy strategic challenges in the most honest and simple way. You will be allowed to build a military force of your own and participate in fighting for power in various locations around the world.

New strategic challenges

Black Command APK Mod is built with vivid strategic challenges, and you are allowed to control the army in many different battlefields. Your task is to build a safe land that you control and compete with many other competitors. The world today is very chaotic with wars for resources for survival and development. If you fail to protect your land and help it grow, you will be defeated or become a slave to them.

BLACK COMMAND – War for Profit

Impressive design

In the game, the producer will prepare various missions and battlefields for you to join. Each mission will give you different benefits to protect the land you are controlling. To bring true strategic challenges, you will be provided with a map system in the form of honeycomb. After that, you must move your army through various positions to destroy the danger and complete the mission. In particular, the campaigns you participate in are completely confidential, and you can enjoy many exciting emotions.

black command 4

Construction and protection

Completing the required tasks will bring you many different resources to develop. You must use the accumulated resources to build a strong base and develop your army. Accumulating a lot of resources makes your base a target for other opponents to attack. Therefore, you must build a strong defense system to protect the base from external dangers.

For the task of developing troops, you need to build and upgrade many different weapons systems to equip your soldiers. In modern warfare, every soldier needs to be equipped with the best items to survive on the battlefield. Therefore, the development of personal equipment and weapons for soldiers is very important. The manufacturer has consulted much different information from the actual battlefield today. From there, you can enjoy and explore many powerful weapons systems.

black command 2

As mentioned above, the campaigns you perform are completely confidential besides using your military force to complete the mission. Black Command also allows you to use different mercenary units. Using mercenaries will ensure your identity is not detected when the mission fails. Become a good leader and create your strength right now.