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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 33 MB
  • Date Updated: June 11, 2018

BLEACH is a very popular Japanese comic book created by Tite Kubo. This is one of the series that is associated with the youth of many people in the world. Today, the series continues to attract viewers and become one of the legends of the Japanese manga. BLEACH Brave Souls is a game based on the popular manga Bleach, a game released by the KLab Global Pte manufacturer on mobile devices. Players have the opportunity to meet the characters they love right on their mobile device. The game promises to bring the most exciting and unique experience for players.

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BLEACH Brave Souls Mod God is based entirely on the storyline of the popular manga Bleach. The story revolves around Kurosaki Ichigo, a lonely child who has the ability to see the spirits in the human world. Later, he encounters a Shinigami called Kuchiki Rukia. Kuchiki Rukia is a person capable of regulating the flow of souls between the yin and yang. Rukia was badly injured in a battle with the Hollow in order to save Ichigo, leaving her with all her power to Ichigo. Ichigo used this new power to defeat the creepy Hollows and do other things instead of Rukia.

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In BLEACH Brave Souls APK Mod, players will have the opportunity to immersive characters in the popular manga Bleach. You will be able to control familiar characters like Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Rukia, Inoue Orihime, Ishida Uryu, Sado “Chad” Yasutora … Players will be using the characters they own, to build a team. the mighty army. Each character will have four distinct skills, which will take some time to learn about all the characters in the game. Take part in the battle in Story mode or compete with other players in 1v1 Battle.

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BLEACH Brave Souls for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In Story mode, players will perform missions based on the storyline of Manga Bleach, where you will receive a lot of bonuses, experience points, and new characters after completing the missions in the game mode. This. The 1v1 battle mode will allow you to compete with other players in real-time battles. If you win a lot in 1v1 battles, then you will get huge rewards coming from the game.

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The game features a character control system similar to traditional RPG games. Players will not have much time to get used to this game when they have played popular RPG games on the market today. Also, if you want to become a Pro Player in 1v1 Battle mode, you need to practice a lot so that you can beat other players with your control skills.

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Graphics and sound

BLEACH Brave Souls for Android has beautiful 3D graphics and details in the style of Manga Bleach. This is an RPG game, the manufacturer has invested quite a bit in the visual design of the game so that the player has the best experience. Characters and surroundings are displayed in great detail. With a top-down view, players can observe and control their characters to kill enemies in a large area. The voices of the characters are voiced by Seiyuu in Bleach to give the player a familiar experience.

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If you are a fan of the famous Bleach Manga, you will not be able to skip BLEACH Brave Souls. You will have the opportunity to meet your idols in the game, participate in Story Mode battles to review the story. This is great for the fans of this work, you can experience the game as easily as possible by using our link.