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  • Date Updated: June 26, 2019

Sandbox is a familiar and popular image theme after the success of Minecraft. With this theme, players have the opportunity to enjoy many unique images and get attractive entertainment times. With sandbox theme popular worldwide. Foursaken Media producer has built a unique game of their own from this topic. This fascinating game is called Block Fortress: Empires. It is currently available on Googleplay, or you can use the sharing link at the end of the article to explore.

block fortress empires 2

Harmonious combination

Block Fortress: Empires APK Mod is a unique game; it is an interesting combination of impressive shooting and construction challenges. When participating in the discovery, you have the opportunity to build a base for yourself. And you will also discover many unique and addictive battles. The manufacturer will give you a certain base. And you have the task of building a strong defense system to prevent enemy attacks. Besides building bases, you also have the task of attacking the base of other players. You will have to overcome many traps and obstacles on the way to win attractive rewards.

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Character design

Before starting these unique challenges, you must create your character. The game has prepared many different options for you to create the character you want. Preparation options include Skin, Hair, Eyes, Head, and Body. In particular, each of these options has many different small options for you to explore. From the options provided, create a beautiful character and enjoy the exciting battles ahead.

Block Fortress: Empires – Build, Defend, Attack, Destroy


Completing the character creation, the manufacturer will provide some basic guidelines to help you control the character better. After that, you will proceed to select a planet to build your base. Over ten different planet with different environments for you to choose. Also, each planet possesses a different terrain to build the base. Choose a planet that matches your plan to build your base and create a powerful defense system to defeat other players.

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Build bases and fight

Similar to Minecraft, Block Fortress: Empires allows players to freely create and build according to personal preferences. However, you will not build beautiful or luxurious bases. Instead, you need to build a base with a strong defense system to prevent enemy attacks. To get a variety of defense systems, you need to collect different resources. Upgrade technology to own new defense weapons.

Your defense system needs to be scientifically built and create a great amount of damage. Since then, the opponents will be hard to reach and attack your base. In the beginning, your defense system is weak, and your opponents can easily overcome it after obtaining stable resources and new technologies. You need to build a good defense system with many different pitfalls. If you don’t have a good defense system, your opponents will easily get inside your base and steal resources.

block fortress empires 1

With combat missions, you will have to find a way to overcome the opponent’s defense systems and rob their resources. To destroy the enemy’s defenses, you need to use powerful remote attack weapons. The game has prepared a variety of weapons systems, and you need to study them to be able to use them. Each weapon will have its strengths, and you are allowed to use a variety of weapons at the same time.