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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: $2.99
  • File size: 94 MB
  • Date Updated: July 16, 2018

When it comes to the most popular defence games on the market today, we are going to think of the Bloons TD game series released by ninja kiwi. This is one of the longest-running defence games and is loved by many in the world for its highly strategic fun battles. In recent times, ninja kiwi publisher has officially launched the latest version of this game called Bloons TD 5. Players will have the opportunity to continue to experience the battle. Have fun with different difficulty levels in this game to show off their strategic abilities.

bloons td 5 1

The monkeys are mischievous

In the game, you will continue to work to help the cute monkeys protect their land from invasion from the balls. Gameplay has also been retained by the developer so that players can easily adapt and become familiar with the game more quickly. You will control the monkeys building the tower defence on the map of the game. These defensive towers will help you kill enemies and give you bonuses. You can use the bonus you receive to upgrade your tower defence or build new tower defence. In this version, the manufacturer has added some new tower defence with special abilities. You will need to learn about the new defensive towers to create more logical tactics to win more easily. Also, you can also use bonuses to hire powerful monkey warriors. These warriors will help you to destroy the balls more quickly. Of course, you can upgrade these warriors so that they become even stronger.

Bloons TD 5 – Top-Rated Tower Defense Game

Bloons TD 5 APK Mod has very difficult difficulty levels. This version has more difficulty levels than previous versions, so players have more challenges to overcome. However, you will need to create more tactics based on the new tower defence that the game offers to be able to overcome difficulty levels more easily.

bloons td 5 2

Collect new balloons

You will receive rewards after completing the difficulty level as a bonus. You will use the bonus to unlock new balls in the game’s store. With different colours and designs, players will have a whole new experience.

bloons td 5 3

Design familiar

The manufacturer retains the graphic design of the previous version of Bloons TD 5 Mod Money. However, you can also see some new features that are the tower defence and the new kind of game that provided. The sound of the game has also been changed a bit to fit the graphic design of the game.

bloons td 5 4


Bloons TD 5 is the new version of the most popular defence game series. All the fans of this game series are looking forward to the changes coming from the new version, which gives the player what they need most. At around $3, players will get a game that will satisfy all their needs and endless fun in the fun battle of the game.