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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 64 MB
  • Date Updated: December 3, 2018

Bob the Robber 3 is a puzzle game, this game is a lot of people interested. This game will bring players a unique adventure experience. Kizi Games producer recently released the latest version of the game, and its name is Bob The Robber 5. In this new version, people will continue the exciting adventure along with the main character of the game.

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True storyline

If you are familiar with the famous movie series Indiana Jones, you definitely can not ignore the storyline and many interesting puzzles unique in this series. When it comes to Bob The Robber 5 for iOS experience, people will experience a story as intriguing as the other movie series. The protagonist of the game is named Bob; this is a very famous adventurer. A temple with an ancient power was discovered by a group of people, and they are plotting to use this power to destroy the world. After knowing the location and information of this temple, Bob set out and embarked on a dangerous journey with the mission of saving the world. Help Bob and experience this crazy adventure with many dangerous but interesting traps.

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Bob the Robber 5 APK Mod is designed with a variety of puzzles and compelling content for everyone to experience. In the game you will have to go through many different levels, each level in the game will take you to a private map with many challenging. Players need to control their character to the position that the game requires to complete the level in the game. To get to the required position in the game, people will have to undergo many different challenges from simple to complex. Along the way will appear many traps and dangerous enemies, you need to move skillfully to knock out opponents appear in the game. Unlock the locked doors in the game, search for the password of the elevator to move quickly in the game. The game requires people to calm down and move sensibly to win easily.

Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure by Kizi games

Along the way, you need to collect the gold coins that appear on the way, collecting enough gold to help you get more points. At each level in the game, you will collect the necessary items to overcome many obstacles in the game. For example, the whip will help you get the password of the elevator without having to go through dangerous traps, electric pliers that help you to break down the security system in the game. Also, you must avoid the supervision of many cameras appearing in the game; you can move when they turn away from you. In some locations in the game, you can hide in the dark to not be detected by the enemy. A great deal of action and intrigue await you when you experience this game

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Graphics evaluation

Bob the Robber 5 for Android has a lovely 2D graphics. The game has a simple picture quality to match the adventure content and gentle action of the game. The game is designed with a lot of nice detail and is stably arranged to create a range of impressive experiences. Characters in the game are designed in a cute and beautiful animation style. Bob the Robber 5 is a light-hearted adventure game that is suitable for all ages, people will easily experience the game alongside children. The game is suitable for leisure in a short time when you need to relax and rest.