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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 53 MB
  • Date Updated: February 22, 2019

Crazy Arcade is a classic game on PC and is associated with the childhood of many people around the world. It was first released in 2001 by NEXON Company. After the success of the PC version, NEXON Company has released a mobile version of Crazy Arcade. This new game is called Boom M, many fun challenges and exciting battle maps are waiting for you to discover. Quickly download this unique version to enjoy a lot of fun with friends and global competition.

boom m 2

Familiar challenges and fun competition

As with the PC version, you have the opportunity to compete with many other players around the world. Move smartly in many unique battle maps and discover interesting characters while experiencing. You will discover many attractive game modes with many different challenges besides a series of new items to use and create a lot of excitement. If you are a fan of Crazy Arcade, you should not ignore the fun challenges of this new game.

boom m 3

Controls and characters

When engaging in fun battles, you are provided with a familiar and easy-to-use virtual key system. Virtual keys are designed and scientifically arranged on both sides of the device’s screen. You can move flexibly because virtual keys are arranged not too far apart and provide a good observation angle. Move skillfully to place water balls and avoid many dangerous obstacles in each battle.

Boom M for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The manufacturer has prepared six lovely characters for everyone to use. The characters allowed to use include: Playful, Clever, Feisty, Brave, Glutton and Bashful. Each character has his costume design and unique fighting abilities to use. Use and exploit the unique advantages of each character to win various battles and missions.

Attractive and new game mode

Boom M for iOS brings many different game modes for everyone to relax. There are six different game modes for you and everyone to join. The simplest and most basic mode you will experience is the normal mode. In this mode, you are arranged with three other players and will fight in the form of teammates (2 vs 2). Please coordinate well with your teammates to defeat the enemy. The next mode is survival mode; you must participate in a survival battle with 15 other players. This mode takes the form of individual competition, so only one player is allowed to survive.

boom m 4

If you have experienced many intense and fun battles, you are ready to experience the ranking mode. This is a complex mode, so you need to focus on the experience. Completing each match will help you get high achievements. Based on these scores, you are arranged in different positions in the ranking of the game. Note, you will be deducted points if you lost in the match and lowered the position in the rankings. So you need to be well prepared before joining this mode.

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The note before setting up the game

To create more compelling experiences for everyone, the game requires complex configuration devices to experience. The system of beautiful images and 3D graphics requires your device to have Android OS 6.0 or higher.