• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 46 MB
  • Date Updated: July 12, 2019

Bottle Jump 3D is a fun and simple game for you to relax in limited rest periods. With easy-to-understand content and an easy-to-use control system, you can enjoy it anywhere. Join the game; you have the task of intelligent control to bring a certain bottle to the required location. Besides, your challenges will take place at a fast pace, and you will not need to spend much time to experience. From there, you can easily balance working time and entertainment. Currently, the game is available on Googleplay, and it is designed by AZUR GAMES.

bottle jump 3d 2

The task is simple but needs agile control

The mission of Bottle Jump 3D for iOS is relatively easy to understand; players only need to touch the screen to control the bottles and take them to the required location to complete the task. Players will have to take advantage of the objects on the map to move to the required location. During the move, you need to avoid dropping bottle to the ground. If you let the bottle fall to the ground, you will have to redo the quest from the beginning. Items that appear on the map will be arranged at different distances. Therefore, you need to control skillfully to move back and forth between objects and not let the bottle fall to the ground.

Bottle Jump 3D – Flip the bottle!

With objects arranged at different distances, players need to have reasonable control operations. With objects arranged nearby, you only need to perform one-touch operations to move. On the contrary, the objects are arranged at a distance; you need to touch the screen continuously to jump into the air and move farther than usual. To get smart control operations, you also observe the map quickly and accurately. If the observation is not good, you will perform unreasonable control actions and cause the bottle to fall to the ground.

bottle jump 3d 3


Simple content games often have a diverse level system. The manufacturer has built challenges according to different levels, and each level will be prepared with individual maps to challenge players. The basic levels will be prepared with short travel distances, and you can easily complete the task in a short time. However, higher levels will have longer travel distances, and more different objects will appear on the way. Therefore, you need more time to complete the task. Passing each level will help you get gem and gem that will be used to unlock new bottles. There are many types of bottles with different colors and sizes for you to use.

bottle jump 3d 4

Simple graphics

Bottle Jump 3D has easy-to-see 2D graphics and horizontal screen movements that are familiar to everyone. With the familiar horizontal screen movement, you can relax continuously without feeling tired. To bring attractive visual experiences to players, each level will be prepared with a unique color theme. Sorting and using a variety of different color themes helps players feel more comfortable.