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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 43 MB
  • Date Updated: July 31, 2019

Besides investing and designing games with complex content. Some manufacturers now have new ways to serve people’s entertainment needs. Instead of complex challenges and require a lot of time to participate, some games are now being designed with light and easy-to-understand content. With simple designs, people can comfortably relax anywhere.

bouncy hills 2

If you are looking for an interesting and simple game, you can explore some games of Ketchapp producer. This manufacturer currently owns many unique challenges and can bring gentle relaxation times for everyone. In it, Bouncy Hills is a new challenge and is receiving many positive comments from users.

Everyone’s needs

With the busy lifestyle of society today, time to relax is often very few and limited by many factors. Therefore, exploring complex content for entertainment in a short time is an unreasonable choice. Therefore, people need gentle challenges and are easy to explore at different times.

bouncy hills 3

Understanding everyone’s needs, Ketchapp has prepared this game for simple gameplay with lots of lovely images for everyone to enjoy. The challenges you take are relatively easy to understand; you need to touch the screen to help the character move to the required location. Completing each challenge will help you get bonuses and create many excellent achievements to celebrate. Therefore, Bouncy Hills for iOS has been developed to bring comfort to players.

Bouncy Hills for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Many levels to explore

To help you have a fun experience, the manufacturer has designed an attractive level system for you to explore. Each level will be prepared with moving distances and different obstacles to challenge your character control. If you want to win, you need to overcome all the obstacles that the game offers.

bouncy hills 4

The higher the level, the more distance you need to move, and the number of obstacles that appear on the way will increase. Therefore, you must have good control and reflexes to complete the required challenges. Passing each level will help you collect the stars and the corresponding bonus amount. Hundreds of levels with crazy journeys are waiting for you ahead. Are you ready to overcome these fascinating challenges?

bouncy hills 1

Simple control but needs the sophistication to complete the task

Bouncy Hills will give you a character to control and overcome the required obstacles. To get to the required position, you will have to touch the left or right of the screen to control the character. In it, touch the right side of the screen to jump and touch the left side of the screen to slow down. If you want to complete the level quickly, you need to control and coordinate these two actions simultaneously. Conversely, control, and perform the above operations in an unreasonable way. The character will not move in a stable manner and will break into many different pieces when colliding with the ground. Therefore, you must be calm to handle many different situations in the process of implementing the challenge.