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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: June 25, 2019

After the success of Clash of Clan, many real-time strategy games have been released. Each game has its strengths and brings a lot of fun to players. When it comes to real-time strategic challenges, you can’t ignore IGG.COM. They are a famous game producer with millions of downloads from Googleplay.

Brave Conquest 2

From the success of Lords Mobile and Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash, they continue to produce a new strategic challenge. And Brave Conquest is the latest game today. Compared to games with the same content, this game has an impressive combat system and unique management challenges. If you want to enjoy the true sense of a wise leader, you need to download and enjoy it right now.

Brave Conquest 3

A real king

Brave Conquest for iOS brings many interesting quests to challenge your leadership and manage your kingdom. You have the task of building a powerful kingdom of your own. In addition to the task of building a new kingdom, you also have to compete with many other countries in the development process. You and your competitors will have to compete constantly to grow. Besides, you also need to protect your kingdom against the invasion of other opponents. The responsibility of a leader is very heavy, and you are ready to fulfill this obligation?

Brave Conquest for Android/iOS – Gameplay


To own and maintain the mighty kingdom, you need to overcome many different missions and stages. When starting to build the kingdom, some basic guidelines will help you get used to the game. You need to build many buildings with different functions. Each building built will bring its benefits to the economic development of the kingdom. The construction of buildings should be calculated and used appropriately. Therefore, you need to acquire scientific development plans and manage resources wisely.

Brave Conquest 4

Besides economic development and accumulating many resources for the kingdom. You must own a good army to protect the kingdom and conquer neighboring lands. Conquering new lands is very important. It allows you to expand the scope of your military operations. And create buffer zones to protect the kingdom during the war.

Building an army requires you to own barracks and the authorities to summon heroes. In addition to the different types of soldiers, you can also use many heroes with their strengths in war. Owning many different heroes allows you to deal more damage in battle. The process of building and developing troops also requires players to perform many different upgrades. Each upgrade will help your soldiers have a better chance of surviving on the battlefield. As for heroes, you need to create and equip many different items for them.

Brave Conquest 1

Fascinating fighting

When you fight in Brave Conquest, you will surely enjoy many epic battles. Before you fight, you will have to choose the right fighting squad for your army. Besides, you can also use the special fighting skills of the heroes you own. Try to defeat all enemies on the battlefield to receive unique rewards.