• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 84 MB
  • Date Updated: November 21, 2018

The current trend of many manufacturers is releasing online strategy games to help people challenge and connect. However, some players prefer to experience a lightweight tactical game and require a simple configuration to fit their device. To serve the simplest players, Tortuga Team producer has released Braveland Heroes. This is a very nice tactical and lightweight game that fits into a low profile device and gives the player a simple yet fun experience.

braveland heroes 1

Easy-to-see graphics

Braveland Heroes for iOS have user-friendly 2D graphics, and the graphics are simply designed to fit any device. Although the game’s configuration is normal, it still matches gameplay and meets the minimum requirements for image quality to make it easy for people to experience the game. Stable gameplay and background effects make the game not boring. The interface in the game is easy to control and helps players do not take much time to get used to the game.

braveland heroes 2


The content of the game is very simple; you will participate in the fierce battle medieval, where there is a frequent war between countries. To protect the peace of the world you need to gather a powerful force to destroy many enemies and unite into a power headed by you. You will have to engage in many battles with many arduous and painful journeys, the path of a leader is never easy.

Braveland Heroes – Turn Based Strategy

Like many other strategy games, when you experience Braveland Heroes for Android you will have to fight in different locations and to help your army grow stronger you need to upgrade and recruit a variety of troops. The game is designed with many different types of troops such as cavalry, spearmen, archers, gunners, and many other types. Each type of army will have its strengths; you need to sort the squad and use the proper types of troops so that your team is the strongest. The game is designed with turn-based type, so you should not rush in battle and need proper tactics to destroy all enemies on the map.

braveland heroes 3

Many difficult journeys

With tactical genres, you will be taken to many different places in the game, each position in the game is a different terrain for you to experience. From plain to mountain and river, each terrain will have advantages and disadvantages for each type of troops. You should look at the terrain on the map to rearrange the army properly before attacking. If you do not spend time observing and sorting the team, you will quickly get rid of the game, looking at the terrain to assess the military situation is the most important element of the tactical game. Be calm and think sensibly to experience the tactical game in the most fun and impressive way.

braveland heroes 4

You will love this tactical game

Braveland Heroes has the usual graphics, but the tactical element in the game is very important and worth the experience, this is the best and most tactical game I’ve ever experienced. Arrange the troops and conquer the various lands to create your imprint.